BTSO Logistics Inc. starts air cargo transportation in Yenişehir Airport

btso logistics starts air cargo transportation
btso logistics starts air cargo transportation

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry gives two new projects to the city economy. BTSO Chairman Ibrahim Burkay, Bursa business world with the aim of reducing logistics costs BTSO Logistics Inc. within the scope of work within the scope of Yenişehir Airport will begin to provide air cargo transportation services in March. President Burkay, the company will guide the transition to the new industrial revolution Model Factory project will open in the next month, he said.

The BTSO February Ordinary Assembly Meeting was held in the Room Service Building. BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay, in his speech at the meeting, said that they continue to work in accordance with the demands of the member of 42 thousand BTSO. Ibrahim Burkay stated that they carried all the demands, suggestions and expectations conveyed by the Assembly, committee and sectoral councils to the level of the Ministry and the Presidency, and emphasized that Bursa business world has a share in many recent implementations. Finally, the Treasury and the Ministry of Finance to accelerate the payment process of VAT applications in the implementation of the implementation of the BTSO Economic Relations and Finance Council and professional committees have expressed the contribution of President Burkay, ya I think the new system will accelerate the cash flow of our companies is an important start. As a business world, we expect the implementation to be completed with an additional arrangement, which will include returns before 2019. İş


Mayor Burkay stated that they will give full support to the 2019 Employment Mobilization Program, which was initiated after the call of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the Bursa business world. we brought. This year we have promised 2017 thousand employment for Bursa. In providing this promise, it was of great importance to provide our companies with the support they needed in employment. New employment incentives announced by our Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services Mr. Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk are very valuable in this sense. There are very serious supports, especially 'Support for the Protection of Residents'. We are starting a new process with our Employment Offices, which we set up at four different points in order to introduce these supports to our companies and to bring together the supply and demand in the working life. Hem


Turkey's production, exports and employment journey to empowering they signed work representing BCCI president Burkay, the company unveiled the rapidly developing production technologies and in order to prepare for the tougher competition every day for two important projects will open service in than in March. President Burkay, who has been inactive since 2001 with BTSO Lojistik AŞ, founded by BTSO, said that “We will launch the international air cargo transportation to the Middle East and Asian countries with the international air cargo transportation we will launch at Yenişehir Airport. we will ensure that the products arrive directly. In our center, where we have completed the infrastructure works, I hope that international flights will begin on 12 March. While we minimize the logistic costs of our members with BTSO Lojistik AŞ, we will contribute to the export of Bursa business world and make our region an important base in air cargo transportation. ” used expressions.


Mayor Burkay announced that the Model Factory, which is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, will be launched in March in order to increase efficiency and accelerate digital transformation in SMEs. BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay said, “Bursa Model Factory Project will make a great contribution to the improvement of production processes in our industry. At the same time, in our center, which will have the identity of 'Digital Competence Center', applied training on lean production technologies and digital transformation will be provided for our SMEs. ” said.

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