Special Armored Bus from BMC to the President


BMC of Turkey's leading automotive companies, engaged in the production of armored bus designed specifically for the presidency. BMC Armored Machine Bus, state-of-the-art equipment and modern design, robustness and safety, high quality and comfort offer a combination.

Turkey's domestic and national automotive company BMC Armored Authority Bus specially designed for the presidency by BMC also can be used safely on long highway trips of senior government officials.

The powerful and agile Euro360 Diesel engine, which provides a comfortable, functional and highly amenable travel space, armored bus, high-level ballistic-proof capsule, 450-grade security camera system, 2350 horsepower (HP) and 6 Nm torque generating 12 advanced automatic gearbox for driving and 500 liter fuel tank with long range.

BMC Armored Machine Bus, designed for the purpose of traveling with high security and comfort, attracts attention with its personalized innovative design.



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