Minister Turhan: arı The size of our maritime sector has exceeded 17,5 billion dollars Bakan

Turhan sees the star of our maritime industry 175 billion dollars
Turhan sees the star of our maritime industry 175 billion dollars

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan said that the Turkish maritime sector's economic size exceeds 17,5 billion dollars. Iğ The number of people employed in the maritime sector along with related and related sectors has approached 1 million. Ulaştırma

Minister Turhan, said in a statement CNR Eurasia Boat Show in 2019 the opening ceremony of Turkey's borders is surrounded by seas of more than 70 percent, said three continents that passageway.

Turkey is the world maritime trade and maritime industry in respect to a voice that expressed a very large geographical advantages Turhan, as the government in this table movement, he said they approached one of the most important pillars of development as the country moves maritime beginning.

Turhan, the maritime sector is very important and the world's load of the seas taken by recording the world load of approximately 85 volume, oil and petroleum derivatives of approximately 97 has been transported by sea.

According to railway 3 of maritime transport, according to the highway 7, 21 times more economical According to the airline that transfer Turhan, he stressed that revealed the importance of the maritime sector for Turkey these figures.

Turhan, said he made the xnumx's percent of Turkey's foreign trade by sea, maritime transport has reported that the world is on the Mediterranean basin 87 percent share of the pie.

Turhan said that they wanted to get more share from the sea trade and to move the Turkish shipping to a more advanced point. In this context, Turhan said that they wanted to carry the strong cooperation together by developing projects with the sector.

”Our ships can travel around the world easily“

Turhan explained that they regard maritime as a comprehensive industry, trade and service area that includes not only transportation but also ship building industry, port services, maritime tourism, yachting, live and non-living natural resources and management of the marine environment.

Turhan stated that, for many years, seafaring has been approached as ı the subsistence boat of some citizens ın rather than yıl as a nation's development dynamism olarak. As a result of this approach, Turhan stated that Turkish ships have been on the black list for many years.

Turhan said, karşılaş Before us, our ships faced obstacles in many places around the world. In a short time we moved to the white list of our ships. Our ships are now able to travel comfortably in all the waters of the world and they are waving our flag all over the world. Gem

Talking about the sector's support for development, Turhan said, N Until now, we have provided 5 million tons of fuel without excise duty, so we have provided 7 billion TL support. Den

Turhan, thanks to the support of cabotage transportation is reviving, recording the capacity of the maritime trade fleet 75 more than the world's naval fleet reported.

”We have risen to third place in world yacht production“

Turhan stated that the number of shipyards with 37 increased to 78 in parallel with the growth of the sector and gave the following information:

Inde 3 in world yacht production. We're up. Our yacht manufacturers have become brands in this field. Our main goal in the shipbuilding sector is; All equipment including at least percent 70 domestic contribution to make the production of ships. Hopefully, we will draw this to higher rates in line with our 2023 targets. Within the scope of our kapsamında three seas, three big ports üç strategy; Zonguldak - Filyos, İzmir-Çandarlı and Mersin Container harbors are under construction. When we do these ports, our marine geography will have a much greater meaning and importance. Bu

Turhan, these developments in the country's economy, following the course of a progressive follow-up, found the following evaluations:

I Today, the economic size of our maritime sector has exceeded 17,5 billion dollars. The number of people employed in the maritime sector along with related and related sectors approached to 1 million. These are very important figures compared to the old, but not enough for us. As our economy develops, our shipping is developing and developing. Turkey's foreign trade volume, as well as the development of the port and coastal facilities and sea transportation also necessitates the development.

Turhan, expressing their intense work in this direction, tomorrow with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will be the foundation of the Golden Horn Marina and Complex Project, this is a concrete example, he said.

"Turkey, or in terms of the most important tourism centers frequented"

Turhan, Turkey's Aegean and Mediterranean's most beautiful bays is an important tourist center where stated, reminding that our country from abroad last year 46 million visitors come.

Turkey's yacht tourism in terms Turhan voicing important stopping centers of the Mediterranean basin, "Yacht role played by all players in the tourism industry and when Turkey is its geographical location are taken into account with the needed new investment to get more share of the pie." He said.

Turhan, the investment in this issue is not enough, the promotion is important, in this respect, such as the CNR Eurasia Boat Show, the importance of exhibitions, he said.

Turkey's what they want to increase the binding capacity of 25 thousand or transfer Turhan spoke of the work on this issue.

The number of boats in Turkish flag reached 6 bin 208

Turhan, Turkish-owned foreign flag boats to move to the Turkish flag, especially the mortar and tax barriers to remove all the obstacles, reminding them to move the flag of foreign flags to the Turkish flag in order to promote the excise duty, they reduce the VAT to 1'e said.

Minister Turhan, "This arrangement with the current 6 bin 208 boat passed the Turkish flag." He said.

Turhan emphasized that they do not ignore the human element while they are doing so, they said that they are from the 4 country with the most trained people in the world.

Turhan, informative and educative activities of the record, they talked about the activities in this regard.

Turhan who have warned prevent contamination of the seas, Turkey is a very clean ship has stressed that it should be left with.

Turhan, who cut the opening ribbon of the fair after his speech, then visited the fair and received information from the authorities.

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