Minister Turhan: 'Investigation on the train accident in Ankara continues Bakan

Turhan Ankar continues to ask about the train crash
Turhan Ankar continues to ask about the train crash

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan, who attended the press conference held at the Information Technologies Authority (BTK) about the Bir 2018 year evaluation and 2019 year targets ili of the Ministry, was able to work on the railway accident in Ankara, on the lines of railways, in accordance with the operation of the International Railway Association. he had no chance of being employed.

Turhan pointed out that there is no signaling infrastructure in this section, and that conventional systems are used here. Turhan noted that there are now 45s in signaling systems in railway systems.

Turhan stated that the term çalıştır signal is indispensable kilomet is identified with him and added, “We can't, we run the 6 one thousand kilometer railway line without signaling. When the signalization process is finished at the end of this month, the Sincan side, where we operate a high-speed train operation, will start to serve as a signal. The train will run according to the operating system. Since there was no signal, it was not operated according to the high-speed train system. It was operated according to the conventional system. Göre

Minister Turhan, said the administrative investigation into the accident continues in detail.

Turhan said, “Our signaling works between Ankara and Sincan will be completed at the end of February and between Ankara and Kayaş at the end of March. Aş

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