Minister Turan Describes 2019 Year Targets in Rail Systems

2019 on X-ray X-TRX 2
2019 on X-ray X-TRX 2

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan made a statement at the press conference regarding the X 2018 year evaluation and 2019 year targets ve of the Ministry of Information Technology (ICTA).

Ites We will improve our existing railway lines, improve their standards and increase their capacity. “

Turhan, high-speed train works in Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Sivas, Izmir, Adana, Mersin and Gaziantep by drawing attention to the fact that, high-speed train across the country said they plan to spread. Referring to the urban transportation, Turhan said, içi We would like to offer transportation infrastructure in the comfort they would prefer to them with their in-city public transportation systems, especially for the transportation needs in business life. In other words, in our big cities, we will take the metros of the city in our investment program. We will improve our existing railway lines, improve their standards and increase their capacity. We also need to make the existing railway lines electrified. Ayrıca

”Our aim is to be able to sing the anthem hızlı mother's anthem hızlı in our 100 year.

Minister Turhan, transportation and communication services, as well as economic development, village-urban integration, cultural unity and balanced population distribution, such as providing social benefits, agriculture, tourism and industry is a strategic sector that constitutes the infrastructure, he added.

Turhan emphasized that the countries that do not have a healthy and adequate transportation and communication system can never be developed, and therefore they have invested 16 billion liras in a period like 537 years.

Emphasizing the length of the signal line on the railway by more than twice, 2 thousand 505 5 thousand 746 kilometers from the stress they have taken out Turhan, 2 thousand 211 kilometers, or even continued to work.

Referring to the railway investments, N Our aim is to be able to say cü anthem from the beginning of the motherland in the 100 year.Halkalı Suburban Line will be commissioned this year, this year, the National Electric Train Set project work by completing the prototype of the national train sets planned to start production.

Crew Accommodation and Elevator Turhan describing Wagon Wagons waste also will begin to manufacture, "The contractor and TÜDEMSAŞ, will make this year 865 87 wagon revision and the revision of the towing vehicle. TÜVASAŞ 22 will produce DMU train set. TULOMSAS will produce 5 DE locomotive for the private sector, 1 electric, 1 hybrid locomotive for railways. Istanbul New Airport Rail Link Line 176 for use in vehicles and Bakırköy (IDO) to be used in the tender for purchase of vehicles 72 -Kirazl the Metro line will be held this year. "He said.

”Railways are operated after they have been certified by the International Railway Association.“

Turhan, the question of the railway accident in Ankara, railways, International Railway Union, operating in accordance with the management of the chance to run without a certificate, he said.

Turhan pointed out that there is no signaling infrastructure in this section, and that conventional systems are used here. Turhan noted that there are now 45s in signaling systems in railway systems.

Turhan stated that the term çalıştır signal is indispensable kilomet is identified with him and added, “We can't, we run the 6 one thousand kilometer railway line without signaling. When the signalization process is finished at the end of this month, the Sincan side, where we operate a high-speed train operation, will start to serve as a signal. The train will run according to the operating system. Since there was no signal, it was not operated according to the high-speed train system. It was operated according to the conventional system. Göre

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan, who stated that the administrative investigation related to the accident in question, is going to be completed when the signalization works on the line of the train accident in Ankara, will be completed. It will be completed by the end of March. mart

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