Art of Scrap Vehicle Parts Coming Out

scrap vehicle parts
scrap vehicle parts

The machinery technicians of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continue to transform the pieces of motorcycle, bus, truck and crane that are separated into art works. The last piece that came out of the hands of the master was the “rock guitarist who plays guitar“.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Machine Supply Maintenance and Repairs Department of automotive technicians, leisure activities are evaluated by the art of finger bites. Master hands that create sculptures that are watched with interest from the materials to be dumped do not use any materials except scrap metal from scrapped buses, trucks, motorcycles and construction machinery.

The Municipality of Metropolitan Municipality technicians who pushed the boundaries of creativity by making sculpture from the waste materials produced from machinery and vehicles, now added lar mastery period ş to the works they carried out from ostrich to dragonfly, guitar to owl: Guitar player rocker ..

What you look at in the statue
300 pieces clutch pressure spring, 500 pieces chain, 50 pieces gearbox gear, 10 pieces engine crankshaft, 3 pieces hydraulic piston, 2 pieces hydraulic piston, 2 pieces machine chain bucket nail, 4 set timing chain, rocker mechanism, 2 injector 2 filter protective grid, 4 shock absorber, assorted lama, defective sleeve for head, metal hair piece and welding wires for guitar masters, finally working on lighting and music system.

Bünyamin Şahin, Emrah Tahirler, Serhan Ünal, Murat Akıllı, Serkan Çankırı, Murat Güneş and İbrahim Tayşir, who work to convert the scrap material into art, said that these works they had done in times other than working hours rest and happy themselves.

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