Antalya's Most Environmentally Friendly Parking Lot Has Been Opened

antalyanin en cevreci parking lot is put into service
antalyanin en cevreci parking lot is put into service

Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Türel has put into service the most environmentally friendly car park of Antalya, which is projected as a green area. Türel stated that they served Antalya by embracing everyone and embracing everyone. Ini We are working to beautify our country and to facilitate human life. Antalya for us, then we call politics, Bizim he said.

The foundation was laid in August in 2017 and the park was opened as a sub-car park. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, AK Party Muratpaşa Mayor Candidate Gökçen Özdoğan Enç, Konyaaltı Mayor Candidate Gaye Doğanoğlu, Nationalist Movement Party and AK Party district presidents, mukhtars and Antalya residents attended.

We work for Antalya
Remarking his criticism of the company's allegedly exposed parking lot, President Menderes Türel said: gay We have always tried to strive for reconstruction and revitalization in Antalya, but unfortunately a small segment is happy with your unhappiness. What we experienced here before we do this park. For me 'It will destroy the park here. Green will do the massacre, 'they said. They also told me when they were doing the Boğaçayı Project in Konyaaltı Beach. Unfortunately, they do not understand these things much. Look, we did another version of this project at our Lara Treatment Plant. Treatment The top of our plant is the green lawn football field and six treatment facilities. They wanted to discredit our service. See, isn't that the same here? We work for your needs. We strive to beautify our country and make your life easier. Mem

We don't leave shoes
Reminding the green field works carried out in Konyaalti and Manavgat Türkbeleni, President Türel stated that they did not give opportunity to those who tried to block the project. Türel continued, y While we plan to plant 6 thousand trees in Konyaalti, they said 'Menderes Türel is destroying the green'. In Turkbeleni, while they are planting thousands of trees in Manavgat, 7-8 attracted the areas of fire in the year before, and they said 'Menderes cut trees'. Now it was a completely different green environment project to the service of the Manavgatlıların. When we do the Boğaçayı Project, they said that Menderes Türel is conducting a massacre. All those who say that do not come out of there. I, the park laid the foundation of the park to take the resistance of those who resist I said. With Allah's leave, we will not leave behind whatever will be beneficial to Antalya. We provided a very nice park and car park. Çok

We do not sacrifice Antalya for politics
Türel said that they served Antalya by not embracing anybody, saying that they did not make the project that day, they forget their work and park their car here. They walk in the park. get. We love what has been created because of the Lord. We don't distinguish anyone. We embrace everyone. For us before Antalya, then we call politics. That's why we call it off. That is why we say that we do not sacrifice Antalya to politics, O he said.

”Ours is a country of love“
In the new era, President Menderes Türel repeated the gospel that Antalya will meet with the metro: Başkan Today these services are provided thanks to your support for us. If we didn't, we would have done what the Tonguç underpass was, neither this parking nor the Project of Sharps. We said it was backfire and we carried it to the old splendid times. We have made 11 junction, 11 km rail system in our first period. After us, one junction could not add 1 centimeter. In this period, we have built 28 high-rise interchange. Bu

Antalya wins as we win
Emphasizing that 31 Mart is very important, Türel said that they are stronger with the Cumhur Alliance. Türel completed his speech with the following words: ın Antalya wins as we win. Antalya will win as we win with your support. Siz

Enç, atla Antalya will skip the era çağ
AK Party Muratpaşa Mayor candidate Gökçen Özdoğan Enç said that they wanted a better, more livable Muratpaşa and said: Ad We want a Muratpaşa where all the colors grow. Metropolitan Municipality Mayor has great investments in our district of 19. Antalya 2.5 is a city with a population of millions. Before you can manage this city, you need to vision, then vision. The name of the will, the vision of the name Menderes Turel. Menderes Türel, the master of the service and his team mates, are determined to overcome the era of Antalya. Hizmet

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