Antalya Metro will be 25 Km Long

antalya subway will be 25 km long
antalya subway will be 25 km long

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Menderes Turel, Antalya, the future of the metro, safari park, Konyaaltı Marina, Tünektepe, Culture Valley, Cruise Port, smart city and National Garden projects, including the project with 359 thousand people will be provided with employment 70 said.

Comfortable transportation by metro
Underlining the fact that there is no metro, the only solution for a more comfortable and comfortable transportation is metro. As the subway construction proceeds under the ground, daily life will continue uninterrupted. Metro

The main backbone of the planned subway will pass through Konyaalti, starting from Liman, to 100.Yıl Boulevard. Then the line will be divided into 2 direction at Mevlana Junction: one line will continue to Varsak side by going to Kizilardik-Kepez Municipality and the other line will go to Muratpasa Municipality, Lara and Kundu direction from Mevlana Street. Metros to be made will be connected with the existing and to-do tram lines.

Here are the subway lines of Antalya:
M1 Port-Konyaaltı-100.Yıl-Kızılarık-Kepez Municipality-Varsak
M2 Mevlana-B.Onat-Metin Kasapoğlu-Muratpaşa Municipality-Lara-Kundu

Türel said that the next period will come to Kepez metro., In the following period, Antalya's public transportation agenda is the metro. The subway will start from the Great Harbor and go to Varsak and Lara-Kundu. Antalya will be on the agenda of a metro line, which extends from one arm to Varsak and one with a branch Kundu metro.

According to the Transport Master Plan study, which is in the process of reviewing the Ministry of Transport, Türel said that Antalya can meet with the metro in the next stage. to the subway. It is an investment that needs to be done in the next period, from Konyaalti to Lara-Kundu and one foot to Varsak. De

Antalya Metro will be 25 Km Long
President Menderes Türel emphasized that his efforts to bring many important projects to Antalya will continue after 2019 and said UM We promise to do it but we do not promise anything that we cannot do. That's why I am now in favor of the metro to Antalya. We intend to start the 25 km subway line very quickly from the big port to Lara Kundu and from one place to Varsak. ”He said. (Antalya-transport)

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