Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project Remains to 2020

ankara sivas speed train project 2020ye remained
ankara sivas speed train project 2020ye remained

Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project Remains to 2020: Transport and Railway Employees Rights Union President Abdullah Peker stated in his written statement that the Sivas-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project will be completed in 2020. President Peker's statement is as follows; “Mr. President stated that the Sivas Ankara High Speed ​​Train project, which has been made polemic material for years, will end in 2020 at the rally in Sivas.

We as the union ask the question why the project was delayed High Speed ​​Railway Line Station has been involved in the request to be relocated? If so, will the account be asked from the Institution or persons who are the reason?

Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project Remains to 2020

Sivas Ankara YHT Line 4 Year after the project Ankara Konya Line was opened for service years Sivas Ankara Line was not made.

President of Transport and Railway Employees Rights Union, Abdullah Peker, said that despite the fact that the Sivas - Ankara High Speed ​​Train Project will end in 2018, it is certain that it will not end at the said date, but it has become definite with the statement of our President. Peker, on the other hand, said that the Kayseri-Ankara line will be finished at the point where it thinks that work is being done. In his written statement on the subject, Peker stated that road construction works do not go at the desired level, and the completion of the project on the date confirmed by Akdağ Yıldızeli and Yıldızeli Sivas route due to physical conditions seems impossible. Peker said, “If we consider that no work has been carried out between Kırıkkale Ankara, the process will be longer,” said Peker. Saying that 2023 means great meanings in every sense, Peker said, “The most meaningful one of them is the expansion of the Railway network and the implementation of High Speed ​​Train projects. An estimated fifty billion dollars are required for this project. We believe that high speed train projects will be suitable for 2023. High Speed ​​Train ranks first in safe and fast passenger transportation all over Europe and other developed countries of the world. We think that the main reason for this is time saving, safe and fast travel. ”

Sivas people want the Fast train as soon as possible ”

Peker, ası The high-speed train is scheduled to stop at the 2 station during the 9 hour trip. After Ankara, Elmadag, Kirikkale, Yerkoy, Yozgat, Sorgun, Akdagmadeni, will reach Sivas after Yıldızeli. High speed train settlements will provide both commercial and socio-cultural value to these cities by making the promotion of these provinces more effective, and will provide added value to the national economy that will stimulate tourism. stopping the population growth and providing incentives to other provinces will also provide the balance in the distribution of population. There is a request for further progress in areas.

Map of Ankara Sivas High Speed ​​Train



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