Map of Ankara Metro Lines, Stations and Rail Systems

ankara metro lines and stops
ankara metro lines and stops

Turkey's capital of Ankara on public transport services that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality General Directorate of EGO rail transport network. The existing rail transport network consists of four parts: Ximber - AŞTİ route with the name Ankaray. 30 February 1996 on the Batikent - OSB-Törekent line and a month later; On the 28 March 1997, the Red Crescent - Koru Line was opened. There are total 12 stations together with Kızılay which is a transfer station between Ankaray and Ankara metro system. Ankaray 2014 km. Ankara Metro M13 2014 km. + M45 8,527 km + M1 16,661 km. The total length of this four-rail transportation system is 2 km. long.

In Ankara Metro, the Keçiören line is still under construction. In addition, a new line construction is planned between Esenboğa Airport and Kızılay.

Ankara's first light rail system was started on 7 April 1992 to meet the increasing transportation demand of Ankara.
Ankaray's stops
• Sewing
• Salvation (transfer: Xinjiang-Kayas Commuter Train Line)
• College
• Red Crescent (transfer: M1, M2)
• Demirtepe
• Maltepe
• Anatolia
• Beşevler
• Bahçelievler
• Labor
• Söğütözü (under construction - end of 2016)
M1 (Batıkent Metro)
The construction of the first subway of Ankara was started on 29 March 1993. The metro line 28 on the Kızılay - Batıkent route was completed on December 1997.
Batıkent Metro's stops
• Red Crescent (transfer: Ankaray, M2)
• Sıhhıye (transfer: Xinjiang-Kayaş Commuter Train Line)
• Nation
• Atatürk Cultural Center
• Akköprü
• Ivedik
• Yenimahalle (transfer: Yenimahalle-Şentepe Cable Car Line)
• Demetevler
• Hospital
• Macunköy
• Ostim
• Batıkent (transfer: M3)
M2 (Protect Metro)
The construction of the subway line on the Kızılay - Koru route started on 27 September 2002. Tamamlayamayın Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the Republic of Turkey Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry took over and finished on March 13 2014.
Koru Metro's stops
• Red Crescent (transfer: Ankaray, M1)
• Necatibey
• National Library
• Söğütözü (transfer to Ankaray)
• Middle East Technical University
• Bilkent
• Ministry of Agriculture / Council of State
• Beytepe
• Ümitköy
• Çayyolu
• Protect
M3 (Törekent Metro)
The construction of the subway line on the Batikent-OSB-Törekent route started on 19 February 2001. Tamamlayamayın Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the Republic of Turkey Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry took over and finished on February 12 2014.
Törekent Metro stops
• Batıkent (transfer: M1)
• Western Central
• Mesa
• Botanical
• Istanbul Road
• Eryaman 1-2
• Eryaman 5
• State Mah.
• Wonderland
• Fatih
• OSB-Törekent

M4 (Kecioren Metro)
The construction of the metro line on the Kizilay - Gazino route started on 15 July 2003. Tamamlayamayın Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the construction of the Republic of Turkey Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ministry has taken over.
Keçiören Metro Stops
• Red Crescent (transfer: Ankaray, M1, M2)
• Courthouse
• Gar
• Exterior door
• Meterology
• Municipality
• The Mecidiye
• Wellhead
• Mulberry
• Casino

M5 (Esenboğa Metro)
It is planned to be built between Kızılay and Esenboğa Airport. Metro is. Construction Transportation Republic of Turkey, will be carried out by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Communications.
The total line length of the metro is 25,366 km. The average distance between the stations is 1,708 km. 15 station is planned to be:
Esenboğa Metro's stops
• Medical
• Youth Park
• Hacı Bayram
• Aktaş
• Gülveren
• Sites
• Ulubey
• Solfasol
• North Ankara
• Pursaklar-1
• Pursaklar-2
• Palace
• Autonomy
• Fairground
• Esenboğa Airport



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