Marine Protected in Mersin, the pearl of the Mediterranean


In a world where the atmosphere and environment are the victims of global warming by getting polluted every day, the Metropolitan Municipality minimizes the effects of global warming and environmental pollution in Mersin by exhibiting the example of environmentalist municipalism and prevents the Sea Vehicles from polluting the Mediterranean.

The sea, which is owned by the pearl of the Mediterranean, is being controlled, cleaned and protected by means of the sea control boat taken, the fiber boat taken to clear the solid wastes from the sea surface and the tools such as sea sweeper. In addition, in order to prevent possible oil / oil spills and leaks in the Mediterranean Sea, which is the crossing point of many cargo ships, a fully equipped protection is provided with the Emergency Response Equipment located at the Çamlıbel Fisherman's Shelter.

In the Waste Acceptance Facility, which is operated by the Metropolitan Municipality, Çamlıbel and Taşucu Port facilities are protected from marine pollution by taking marine wastes from the sea, the most important part of the ecosystem is protected by marine waste. With the Blue Card Automation System implemented for small boats, 2014 thousand 2018 tons of wastewater was collected from the sea vehicles between the 5-500 years and marine pollution was prevented.



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