When will Rize-Artvin Airport be opened?

When will Rize Artvin Airport arrive? 1
When will Rize Artvin Airport arrive? 1

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Rize-Artvin Airport, the end of the contract 2022 by specifying the contract, "But by taking necessary measures, by increasing the number of staff, equipment, machinery, vehicles, employees at the end of the year 2020 will open this project service." He said.

Within the scope of various programs, Rize's Minister Turhan, traded in the Sunday district trades.

Following the construction of the Rize-Artvin Airport construction site, Turhan was informed by the authorities about the works.

Turhan, said in a statement after the investigation, this is the second airport built into the sea, he said.

Indicating that the cost of the airport is approximately 2 billion Turkish Lira, Turhan continued:

Yıl At the end of the year 2020, our teams are working hard to open the airport. According to the contract, the end of 2022 will be put into service at the end of 2020 by increasing the number of personnel, equipment, machinery, vehicles and employees by taking necessary measures. These are the transportation infrastructure that people need for our region. It is an important infrastructure of the developing economy and tourism in this region. The airport is a public transportation system, which is preferred by the people in transportation, which can be used by the public. Havaalanı

Turhan said that they made the biggest airport in the world in Istanbul and opened them in the same time as 42 months. I These projects obviously dazzle someone. Some of them make some accents, expressions, explanations to wear out these reputable projects. It is necessary to respect them. Bunlar he said.

Turhan emphasized that they work with every necessary measure to fulfill their promises in a timely manner. Kim In this sense, we cannot make anyone believe in false statements made to wear out some of our favorite projects, and they cannot make anyone accept them. Andır

Minister Turhan, Istanbul Airport, said:

Lardır These are the sources of the power, credit and stability of this country which are made to the country without the use of public resources. 'This service will be paid to the nation, it will be, this will be' such as some fallacy news may come up. Don't give them credit. This airport has been built and commissioned by a private investor company and is a build-operate-transfer project that will be paid annually to the state for annual 822 million euros. There is also revenue sharing, especially if the above mentioned number is higher than the number specified in the international passenger agreement. Ayrıca

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