Turkish Doctor Elif İnce Developed Non-Radiation Tomography Device

Turkish Doctor Elif İnce Developed Non-Radiation Tomography Device
Turkish Doctor Elif İnce Developed Non-Radiation Tomography Device

Assoc. Dr. “Lower Urinary System Electrical Impedance Tomography” device developed by Elif İnce and her team can perform imaging without radiation for babies, pregnant women and children in cases such as bladder imaging. Moreover, 80% of the money spent with this device can be saved as a country.

Of course, this success was not overlooked by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. Elif İnce was presented with a gold medal in the international competition.

Turkey 3rd Country with the Most Radiation in the World

How painful is that, isn't it? Take a look, hospitals are overcrowded and people are sick all the time, especially in big cities. In this case, as the back of the diseases is not cut off, film, tomography and similar imaging systems are always used as a necessity.

Assoc. Dr. As Elif İnce is aware of this situation, she made the following statements; “Turkey is currently the 3rd most viewed country with PET and Tomography worldwide. This naturally places us in the position of the countries receiving the most radiation. In electrical impedance tomography, it is a device that makes 3-dimensional imaging using only electrical signals, without any radiation, without entering the human body. We can easily use it especially for children, pregnant women and babies. By using the advantage of this device, we will also be able to get away from radiation.”

“This Device Was Developed For The Bladder”

This tomography device, which has been developed for now, is used only for imaging the bladder region. In the future, studies will be carried out for the lung organ. Because there are studies developed abroad for the lung. For the first time, a device for the bladder was developed.

Especially children do not want to stay in CT and PET devices, they are afraid of the closed area and want to get out. This device, on the other hand, transmits electrical signals to their bodies from outside with the help of a simple mechanism and takes their images.

Frankly, we congratulate our teacher and his team. In this way, there are people in our country who can do great things in both software and hardware. Just enough to open them up. As an entrepreneur, we understand our teacher closely and can anticipate the difficulties they face.

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