Opening Date of Sekapark-Plajyolu Tram Line

The date of emergency of the tramway tramway line was clear
The date of emergency of the tramway tramway line was clear

1 Starting from August 2017, the Akçaray line which is in the service of the people of Kocaeli, 2. stage. The test drive is 2. it was clear when the stage would be put into service. 9 16 from 00: 2 XNUMX from XNUMX. flights will begin.


The new station 3 was built in the Sekapark-Plajyolu section of the Akçaray tram line, which the citizens frequently preferred for daily use. The stops were named as Seka State Hospital, Convention Center, Schools District and the Beach Road. Seka State Hospital kısım The first part of the Sek Schools Region – will be available to the students who are studying. In the continuation of the project, the second part of the 600 meter will be implemented.


On the other hand, the tram line is spreading throughout the city. According to the project, which was previously offered, there will be three new lines, including 8 kilometers, to be integrated into the Kuruçeşme, Şehir Hospital and Alikahya Stadium routes. Kurucesme line will be connected to the Tramway line by extending the 1 mileage. The Alikahya Stadium line will also reach 3,5 km and will be joined by Yahya Kaptan. (the mavikocael)

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