Istanbul Airport took the snow exam?

Istanbul airport received snow from snow
Istanbul airport received snow from snow

This year we will meet with the white hood at the end of February we could meet. Snowfall was more 'insignificant' than the past years. It slowly rained. The air temperature did not fall. The roads did not close because of the weekend. In Istanbul, snow was the most joyful of children.

My eyes were at the airports. 24 February Saturday 67, 25 February 39 on Ataturk Airport was canceled on the 24 expedition. 2 at Sabiha Gökçen Airport did not have a cancellation in February and XNUMX could not be carried out the next day.

Istanbul Airport experienced its first experience with snow. 24 9 and 25 in February 3 and 5 both in domestic and total 3 flights were canceled in February. The total number of canceled voyages at 122 Airport in Istanbul reached XNUMX in two days. (Source:


Despite the small number of flights from the new airport, the number of cancellations is remarkable. Certainly the cancellation of the expedition is not a matter of connection to the airport. Cancellation is decided by the airline except the square closes. Companies not only profit-icing are sometimes able to cancel the expedition when passengers are less. Or combining flights. So the decision is a bit commercial.


During the snowfall came an interesting news from Istanbul Airport. After the push back, the THY plane, which opened a gas to make a taxi, continuously flown to the right and the captain canceled the flight. The wind is so noticeable that the wind is rising.

The airport is taking a stable north wind. As a regional challenge, the 2-3 Celsius degree is much colder than the center of Istanbul. In other words, when the Atatürk Airport is at the 2 degrees Celsius in the south, when the Istanbul Airport 0 falls to 1, the snow freezes and freezes.


IGA executes the snow-combat operation at Istanbul Airport. IGA made the necessary investment for this operation. However, the apron areas are much larger than Ataturk Airport. There are two huge runways.

IGA transferred experienced personnel from DHMI at the level of the chef. He created his own crew. I hope two days have been a good practice for the lower squad. This operation requires very good coordination and experience from the equipment.

The snow that had been pushed years ago had caused very difficult days at Atatürk Airport. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality ran the aid to the airport. With a series of operations, the airport could have been kept open.

WHY DID NOT TAKE A NATIONAL TRACTOR shared a news about the tractors that Istanbul Airport took last day. These tractors purchased 223 pieces Massey Ferguson tractors to be used in winter to combat snow in winter and to be used for weeding. Our reader asks, "Why should the domestic tractor manufacturer in Turkey was preferred over the use of imported brand HDI?" (Source: Tolga Ozbek -

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