Isparta's Crossroad Junction Projects is Approved

Ispartan's level crossing junction projects approved
Ispartan's level crossing junction projects approved

Isparta Mayor Günaydın, Karayollari and Rose Small Industrial Site intersections of the crossroads in the municipality prepared by the municipality and TCDD'ya given, the projects have been approved, by the relevant institutions to begin the construction work as soon as possible, he said.

Mayor of Isparta and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Presidential Candidate High Architect Yusuf Ziya Gunaydin visited tradesmen in the City Hospital region. Mayor Günaydın, also accompanied by municipal council members. During the visit, President Günaydın listened to the shopkeepers and received their opinions and suggestions. Also, there were Public Library and Museum Directorates in Gülistan Neighborhood. Mayor Günaydin met with children who read books during the library visit and chatted with the little readers for a while. Mayor Günaydın Ayca Museum Director Mustafa Akaslan visited Isparta in his office, chatted with the employees of the institution.


Isparta Mayor Yusuf Ziya Gunaydin, City Hospital after the visit to the shopkeepers found important evaluations. Mayor Günaydın said that the project of the crossroads known as the Highways Junction was drawn months ago and the project was forwarded to the Turkish State Railways and that the project was expected to be completed.

City Hospital district tradesmen, Isparta Municipality prepared by the railway crossing the road not mentioning the news of the Mayor Yusuf Ziya Gunaydin, un Railways, this project has drawn us, our municipality worked in cooperation. The application also entered the acceptance event. There will be a large and convenient intersection with the railway at the bottom.

We had prepared the project at the crossroads passing through the Gül Küçük Sanayi Sitesi and had already prepared it as a municipality. It was accepted in the project. We paid the amount of work in this area as a municipality. Too many places are paying TCDD itself. It is also important how much we care about this issue.


Günaydın said they wanted a pedestrian crossing at different points of the tradesmen at the two points in the region. A wide underpass can also be built into the area. At the moment we are examining the region with the technical committee. There will be no trades about this and the average place will be determined without being victimized. Let's do it right now. After a nice review will be decided in terms of urbanism, Güzel he said.


Saying that Isparta wants to be the best, the most beautiful and different from other cities, Günaydın said, de We would like to have a well-known province on the living province. Our projects are ready to be in front of world cities. We're building big cities. 280 km city road. Asphalt is done with the infrastructure. We want to make our crown of the head of Isparta in Turkey. I also visit all our institutions one by one in terms of our relations. These are an indication, desire and quest for service to Isparta. Bunlar

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