The Extended 2-Month Period for Trambus in Şanlıurfa is Over!

Extending 2 month for sanliurfada trambus is expired
Extending 2 month for sanliurfada trambus is expired

It is known that the cost of 70 million liras will be approximately, and the infrastructure, mast, stall, energy wires for 35 million pounds spent for the trambus project for the month of the additional period of 2 is ending today. Now the public is asking when the trambles will come, or if the money spent on the project goes away.

The 2018 for the 'Trambus Project', which is planned to be implemented in 2 with the promise of a solution to the traffic problem in Şanlıurfa, is ending today.

In the tender contract, 09.06.2017 begins the work on the 08.06.2018 and the end of the trambus project in Sanliurfa is expected to be completed in this round.

Can Hallaç, Deputy Secretary General of Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, said that the trambus project in the transportation master plan will serve 2 lunar lag due to the economic problems in the country. Approximately 2 million pounds will cost about 70 million pounds of underground projects, the work was spent for the stall and superstructure. The rest was to be paid to the company. However, there is no trambus production for Sanliurfa at the moment, and there is no payment from Iller Bank. Now, the public is asking if the trambus does not come and the question of whether the 35 million liras will go to waste.


Historical Hanlar district in Şanlıurfa, Balıklıgöl, Şanlıurfa Museum, Divanyolu Street, Kapaklı passage and 1'ın stage of Atatürk Boulevard, the stops started within the scope of the construction work of 2'ın the first test herd after the completion of the trambus expeditions for the month of 12 month delay expires tomorrow. 2018 December 2 Deputy Prime Minister M. Can Hallaç, who announced the launch of XNUMX flights with a delay of months, is the supplier company of Trambus Project. Bozankaya A.Ş. Hallaç, who came together with the suppliers of the supplier company and provided a meeting about the trambus project in Şanlıurfa, stated that the project was continuing due to the negative developments in the sector. However, 2 for the company expires tomorrow in a month. Deputy Secretary General M. Can Hallaç, who made a statement regarding the disruption, said, yapan Bozankaya we visited our company. Due to the economic situation throughout the country, our company has faced serious problems with Trambus production for a long time. We have been in talks with the parties for a long time to solve these problems. We brought all of Hamdols to the solution point, all the parts were supplied, and they said that they will send the trambuses to Şanlıurfa, which will be ready for delivery within 2 months, and they will start manufacturing quickly. "There is a trambus in Şanlıurfa and education studies are continuing."


Speaking at the Transportation Summit held in Sanliurfa in November, 21 Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Ciftci said, Büyük As the Metropolitan Municipality, we moved from the very important bus fleet to the trambus system. We continue our tests with the 7.5 km trambus route which we started in our historical region. In addition, we started to work on the 34 kilometer rail system. Our projects and tender process have been completed and we are now launching infrastructure works. The higher the quality of transportation, the better the quality of life of people living in that city şehir.


Nobody wants to take the trambus project in Sanliurfa, which is locked in local elections on March 31, 2019. The candidates whose names have been announced for the Metropolitan Municipality will either forget the trambus project or they will revise the project themselves. This means both a waste of time and a new cost. Whereas the words “the project will not be implemented” are dominant in the public in Şanlıurfa, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, who will not be present in the race of election, remains silent on this issue. (Hüseyin ÖZKAN - AJANSURF to)

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