President Çelik Announces Completion of Protocol for Tunnel Passage

Baskan Celik announced the completion of the protocol for tunel night

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Çelik, organized by the management of Hunat Bazaar 8. He joined the Year Night. In the night that the handicraft presented a plaque of gratitude thanks to Mayor Çelik, an important investment was made. Mayor Steel, Pavilion through the barracks to pass through the tunnel is completed the protocol for the road, he said.

8 organized by the trades of the Hunat Bazaar. Mayor Mustafa Çelik and Mayor of Melikgazi and the candidate of AK Party Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Memduh Büyükkılıç joined together in the Year Night.

Speaking overnight, Hunat Carsi Chairman of the Board Fatih Gümüşgöz stated that Mustafa Çelik was always with them and that he had solved all problems and said, at May Allah be pleased with our president. We will always remember her for free. I would like to thank him on behalf of our artisans thousands of times esn. Fatih Gümüşgöz later presented a plaque of gratitude to President Mustafa Çelik for his support.

Mayor Mustafa Celik also said that the tradesmen and tradesmen know what is good. Emphasizing the fact that the main thanks deserving of artisans, President Çelik said, çalışıy You work on behalf of this city, you strive, you give tax and you create employment. Therefore, you are the one who deserves the thank you, Dolayısıyla he said.

President Mustafa Çelik stated that they worked day and night in order to increase the comfort of the city and made projects one after the other during his term. Birbiri We had to produce projects on the project in order to prevent the cities which are our competitors. We've worked hard for this and we're still working. In the meantime, I want to share with you a good news. We had planned a path through the tunnel passage through the military area, which we know as the Kiosk Barracks. We've been dealing with the Ministry of Defense for two years. The news came from the ministry. The protocol is ready and I hope the protocol will be signed this week and Memduh Chairman will open this path. Thanks to this road, the ones who come to Sivas Street will be able to pass to Talas without tangling the Kartal Junction. Bu

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