Tram Line is Under Ground in Zeytinburnu

Zeytinburnu Tramway Tunnel Tunnel Cozum
Zeytinburnu Tramway Tunnel Tunnel Cozum

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Zeytinburnu passing the tram line, approximately 2 kilometers of the underground plan to accept the change has been adopted. 2 came to the fore a year ago when the suburban tram was very slow, as it used the same ground as road traffic.

IMM's Kadir Topbas project designed to be under the Zeytinburnu Tram line under the zoning plan change, the elections came to the agenda of the Assembly about 2 months before.

Newspaper Habertürk'ten Mehmet Demirkaya'nın according to the report, the road is not wide enough to pass the tram and the same road used by rubber wheeled vehicles was a problem in transportation. The problem that has been going on for about 25 years depends on the sensitivity of the newly elected IMM administration.


As the Transportation and Traffic Commission Report, the proposal for the submission of the tram line to the agenda of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality was as follows:

“The tram line, which is the subject of the project, is concentrated due to the demand for high travel, the route through which the line passes is located in the busiest corridors of Istanbul, where the tram line, which is mixed with road traffic, has to serve with very low operating speeds, on the other hand, the risks of safety and accident are also important. as a threat, and as the Rail System Projects Directorate, T1 KabataşIt has been stated that it is aimed to find a solution to these problems produced by Bağcılar Tramway line, to take underground part of the line between Zeytinburnu and Seyitnizam, and thus to seek a solution that will reduce time losses and traffic accidents caused by mixed traffic in the region. Kabataş-The part underground between Bağcılar Tram Line Seyitnizam and Zeytinburnu stations is about 2 kilometers long. There are Akşemsettin and Mithatpaşa stations on the route… ”(Source: HaberTürk)

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