Message from Zeybekci from İZBAN

zeybekciden izban message
zeybekciden izban message

While questions are still being asked about the “İZBAN” strike that has been continuing since December 10, 2018, AK Party Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Candidate Nihat Zeybekci made a critical statement about İZBAN from his social media account.

Nihat Zeybekci, the AK Party candidate for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, stated that they will not allow the continuation of the victimization in the post he shared on the ongoing İZBAN strike on his Twitter account.

Nihat Zeybekci shared his social media account on the strike in İZBAN, which started on December 10 and left the 29th day, on the strike in İZBAN, where passenger transportation was carried out. Zeybekci stated that they received many messages on the subject. Nihat Zeybekci said, “We receive messages from our fellow citizens about the İZBAN problem, which has become a traffic problem and transportation torment, and we live every moment in person. We will not allow this victimization to continue. This ordeal will end soon. ”



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