The Time of Destiny in the Ayaş Tunnel, which has been in the state for years

the time of fate in the Ayas tunel
the time of fate in the Ayas tunel

Four district mayors to ask for an appointment from the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan to pass through the suburban Ayaş Tunnel for years

Ayaş Tunnel, which started in 1976 in its construction but could not be completed in the last period, resembles the ghost city with its inert structures around it. The 10 Tunnel, which is a kilometer long, is sometimes used as a stable by the local people.

Again, due to the agricultural activities in the region, the fate of the Ayaş Tunnel, which is intended to be used as a cold storage, has not been determined. Ayaş Mayor Burhan Demirbaş, regarding the tunnel, which was left to its fate for many years, made a suburban request. Pointing out that the Ayaş Tunnel is in a position to connect towns such as Sincan, Ayaş, Beypazarı, Güdül, Nallıhan, Ayaş Mayor Burhan Demirbaş said, “The Ayaş Tunnel has been waiting idle for many years. We want this place to contribute to Ankara. TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınI visited and stated that the Ayaş Tunnel can be used for suburban flights. They said they would consider this project. A suburb, starting from Sincan and going to Ayaş, Beypazarı and Nallıhan, also changes the fate of these districts. These districts have both agriculture, industry and culture and health tourism. It changes the fate of suburban districts. ” (Source: (Sabah)



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