Control Center Risk in YHT Now

YHTDE is now also at the control center risk
YHTDE is now also at the control center risk

When the signaling, which is started after the disaster in Ankara YHT line, is completed, the transportation of the control center will be on the agenda. Eroğlu from BTS warned that yaşan if transportation occurs, serious problems may occur.

Before the completion of the installation of the signaling system, which turned out to be not after the train disaster, which took place in Ankara on 13 December and 9 people lost their lives, this time the relocation of the control center came up. On the other hand, the fact that the team that will intervene in the breakdowns in Ankara is in Çankırı brought a different discussion.

According to the news of Burcu Cansu from Birgün newspaper, TCDD will vacate 49 thousand square meters of space, including the traffic control center, in accordance with the protocol it signed with Hacı Bayram Veli University. In accordance with the protocol, it is planned to move the traffic control center, which has an important place in terms of preventing accidents and controlling the system while the evacuation of the buildings continues, to Eryaman or the Marşandiz Station where the accident occurred. However, it has been learned that there is no work on the new control center, which requires a long time to set up and needs to be moved by August at the latest.


The case filed by the United Transport Workers Union (BTS) for the granting of the area owned by TCDD to Hacı Bayram Veli University Ankara 9. It goes on in the Administrative Court. BTS General Publication Secretary Ahmet Eroğlu said, merkez The new control center must be established with great care. If we specify that we should not move the transport process will take place according to the protocol. If the moving of the new control center before the end of the full realization may be serious disruptions, Yeni he said.

Eroğlu pointed out that the control center is very important in preventing disasters and said: ı The materials used in the control center will be imported from abroad. A rigorous work is required to install the control center, which requires a highly costly and comprehensive process. As long as the protocol requires that the control center be moved at the latest in August, it is not clear that no studies have begun. The installation and control of the new control center requires a long time, and so it is inevitable to switch to the new control center without having to be checked and completed. Gerek


On the other hand, it was learned that the maintenance and repair services in Ankara were carried out by Vademsaş Company in Çankırı. It was reported that even the intervention of scissor failures which are of great importance in terms of train transportation could not be done before the 5 hour.



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