TCDD Founded a New System in Ankara Gar

yht accident after the tcdd ankara garinda new system established
yht accident after the tcdd ankara garinda new system established

TCDD established a new system at the Ankara Gar, three days after the accident in which the 9 lost its lives.

HürriyetEray Gorgulu, according to the new application, the mechanic, the controller gives information by calling the road. Cameras have been placed around the M74 scissors, where the line changes at the west gate to prevent high-speed trains from entering the wrong line. The system, 16 has been working since December:

-Eskişehir and Konya to make the train to the direction of Polatlı high-speed train mechanics, without moving the train on the control desk by calling the traffic controller, the cruise permission, number and the way of the road reports. After entering the line 1, the machine operators give information by calling the controller again. Controllers also set up a high-speed train with the monitors installed in the control center to control the machine.

  • In order to accelerate the signalization studies, the General Directorate of TCDD (2) has taken the high-speed train services from Eryaman Gar for one month. High-speed trains, 1 will be towed back to Ankara Station in February and the 'camera-approved' application will continue in its current form.

  • The lack of cameras in YHT Ankara Gar was also reflected in the statements in the investigation file. Mehmet K., who was resting as a witness, said, imkân Since there is no signaling system between YHT Gar and Eryaman station, there is no possibility to see trains moving from YHT Gar to Sincan station. There isn't any camera monitor on which we can see which line the train is shipped. Sev Mehmet K., 16 in December from the M74 scissors around the new cameras were installed and run, he said.

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