Green OIZ Roadmap Completed

green osb road map completed
green osb road map completed

📩 19/12/2020 15:04

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, "Promoting Green OSB, we launched the Framework for Turkey Project. Action plans were prepared for pilot OIZs. In addition, as a complementary document of the first phase, the Green OSB roadmap for legislation and institutional reforms has been completed. Ayrıca

MoEU the new environment first Turkey of informational meetings to be held across related legislation Environment and Industry Consultation Meeting with the name of Environment and Urban Planning Ministry and Ankara Chamber of Industry (ASO) was carried out in cooperation and host.

The meeting, Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Institutions, Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank ASO Chairman Nurettin Özdebir, Turkey Chambers and Stock Exchanges Union (TOBB), Treasurer Faik Yavuz, OSTİM OSB Regional Director Adam Beekeeper, OSTİM OSB, Environment and Safety Manager Abdulkadir Inan, Organized Industrial Zones (OSB) managers and industrialists attended.

”Green industry will become important“

ASO President Nurettin Özdebir drew attention to the importance of efficiency today. Özdebir said: “More production with less resources, more qualified production, innovation that reveals resource efficiency will be the main determinants of production. In the upcoming period where we expect such an intense change and transformation to occur, the concept of 'green industry' will become more important than ever. With digitalization, change and transformation in production processes will bring technologies that are more sensitive to nature and the environment into our lives. "

Nurettin Özdebir emphasized that industrial infrastructure is different from urban infrastructure, farklı The management of industrial infrastructure is different from urban infrastructure. Industry municipality is a specialization area. Turkey has put forward on this issue and set an example for the world and a model of OSB we have exported to many countries. I think that the 53 years experience of our country on OIZ should be evaluated in this respect and this accumulation should not be wasted and this organization should be carried out through OIZs. Ül

Emphasizing that the production and environmental issues are intertwined, Özdebir reminded the industrialists of their responsibilities. Özdebir continued his speech as follows: çevre As industrialists, we have to show more of our importance to our factories against the environment and we have to act with this consciousness. On the other hand the agricultural land in any way in an environment where it is spoken of a transformation in agricultural policy, Turkey should not be allowed to be used for other purposes. "

TOBB Board Member Faik Yavuz emphasized that they are ready to work with both ministries as business world. Yavuz said, Yav We all know the importance of sustainable development. Leaving a cleaner and livable environment for future generations is our primary duty. Issues such as environmental and climate costs, which have a high cost of compliance, should also be addressed at a global level. As the environmental legislation expands, new measures need to be taken. Information and awareness-raising activities on legislation should be continued. Mev

Ve Environmental and economic acquisition possible with industrial symbiosis “

Minister of Industry and Technology Musatafa Varank stated that OIZs are prominent in disciplining the industry and removing its effects from the environment. Minister Varank, industrial-friendly approach to the service of the infrastructure of industrialists said they offer.

Explaining that the 162 OSB has solved the problem of increasing waste water by the loan supports, Varank emphasized that 21 OSB has also taken the wastewater treatment plant into the investment plan and will provide all kinds of support for the industrial sites that want to establish their own treatment plant.

In order to be effective in global competition, Minister Varank pointed out the cooperation between companies and pointed to the application of industrial symbiosis. . Environmental and economic gains are possible through the application of industrial symbiosis. World Bank Group cooperation in February 2017 'Development of a Framework for Turkey, we launched the Green OSB Project. Analysis studies on resource efficiency, industrial symbiosis and green infrastructure were carried out in Izmir Ataturk, Adana Haci Sabanci, Bursa and Ankara Chamber of Industry OIZs and action plans were prepared for each OIZ. In addition, as a complementary document of the first phase, the Green OSB roadmap for legislation and institutional reforms has been completed. Ayrıca

Addressing the contribution of recycling to the national economy, Minister Varank said,, The waste collected for recycling is expected to increase. Recycling of waste collected will decrease the import of raw materials. It is an issue that we emphasize on the development and implementation of environmental technologies. 595 R & D project 194 million liras support. A domestic flue gas analyzer was developed and the patent process was initiated to determine the air pollution effects of industrial plants. We have to leave a more livable world for our children. We will continue to work in cooperation with all our stakeholders. Tüm

“We want to increase environmental awareness“

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum, the last 15 drew attention to the growth in the year and the rise in industrial production figures. Turkish Industry, which expresses itself strengthened the Minister Institution, Turkish industrial products in the world by finding new markets here has become permanent.

Stating that they follow the environmental regulations made all over the world, the Institution said, "We take responsibility as a country that does not follow the developments in the world, but is in it and gives direction." made its evaluation.

1 January 2019'den the use of plastic bags, which become a fee as well as information about the application of the Minister Minister, N four days has been implemented. We see that the use of plastic bags decreased by 50. Our goal is to reduce the use of plastic bags per person per 440 to 40 per person. The cost of the 25 penny of the 10 penny will be collected in the fund for the environmental investments. Yatırım

Underlining that facilities to be established in industrial zones are facilitated within the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) regulation, Murat Kurum emphasized that arrangements have been made on many issues ranging from waste management to noise pollution with the work carried out with the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

OSB s waste water treatment plant in various issues such as the Ministry of Industry and Technology in cooperation with the Ministry stating that they continue to work, "To leave a clean world to our stakeholders by spreading these meetings all over the country want to increase awareness of the environment." He said.

Meeting with the Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, OSTİM OIZ Regional Manager Adem Arıcı asked the Minister Institution for regulatory support for the solution of the problems of industrialists in OSTİM regarding Reconstruction Peace. Minister Kurum stated that they were closely interested in the solution of OSTİM's problems related to the Reconstruction Peace. - OSTIM

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