When waiting for the train of the scarves of the scarf sold at a record price

while waiting for the train, the rotars sold the army scarfs at a record price
while waiting for the train, the rotars sold the army scarfs at a record price

A woman going to work every day in the vicinity of Munich, the train's delay on the delay of the weft e-Bay'da 7 thousand 550 found the recipient of the euro.

The mysterious customer who bought a one-and-a-half-meter scarf turned out to be the German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB). All income from the sale of the weft was donated to the Bahnhofsmission Foundation in Germany, which traveled by train and helped those in need.

At the beginning of January 2019, Sara Weber, a journalist, shared his story on social media by sharing a photograph of a weft knitted by his mother. Sara Weber's mother, Claudia Weber, last year between Munich and Moosburg, and took the time to travel between the lag time noted. The 55-aged woman then worked out an account of her own, so she worked on those scarves.

The long red part of the middle section of the scarf belongs to the summer, the woman said, 6 40 for the week during the week, 2 hours spent time, he said.

In the event that the 5 has passed under the minute, it used the gray knitting rope, the 5 to 30 delay between the minutes and the pink knitting rope, and the 30 minute and above delays the red knitting rope.

The Bahnhofsmission Foundation thanked the train company for its message.

The delays in the voyages in recent years have been the reaction of many groups. In the case of major disruptions in trains, passengers are entitled to claim compensation. The German Railways company also said that train passengers will be reimbursed for their expenses such as a hotel or taxi fare.I tr.euronews.co)


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