TransportationPark Bus Driver From Halal


Engin Bekçi, one of the drivers of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality TransportationPark Inc., brought Rümeysa A., who was a man of 12 who suddenly fainted in his bus while he was traveling, to the hospital. Speaking after the incident, the guard said, un The passengers said that a girl on my bus got sick. So I drove my bus to the hospital right away. I just had to save the life of our passengers. Whoever was at my place would have done the same thing. Benim On the other hand, this event moment, reflected in the vehicle camera on the bus.

Transportation within the Metropolitan MunicipalityPark bus driver, the performance of the importance of human life, ahead of anything else, said that. The driver of the event, the hero of the event for everything that makes the man say, Derince Harmantarla - Umuttepe expedition on the three-way driving to the road with his mother in the car, the young girl's name had changed and he swoon unhealthy realized. Other passengers intervened in the intervention of the young girl, the driver was informed about the guard. The driver, who pulled the bus to the safe place, tried to understand what was happening by going to the back.

Seeing the young girl lying unconscious, Engin Bekçi immediately started to drive his bus to the hospital without wasting any time. The driver, who passed through the five stops on the route, took the disturbed passenger to the emergency room of Kocaeli State Hospital. Driver Guard, taking the person to the nearest hospital, stating, said:

“A passenger from behind said a young girl got sick. I first went to the back of the bus to understand the incident. When I saw the unconscious girl, I drove the bus directly to the hospital without thinking and waiting. I left my passenger to the emergency room of the State Hospital. I did my humanitarian duty. I think whoever would do the same thing in my place. I wish him good luck from here. I invite all of your chauffeur friends to be more sensitive when they encounter such events. ”

TransportationPark teams arrived at Kocaeli State Hospital to learn the health status of Rümeysa A. It was learned that the health of the passenger Rümeysa A. was good at the interview with doctors. Rümeysa A. 's father, Engin A., who have been in contact with the teams, the family has passed the wishes of the past.

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