Two New Metro Lines Coming to Bursa

two new metro lines coming to scholarship
two new metro lines coming to scholarship

The Bursa Transportation Master Plan (BUAP), which was commissioned by the Metropolitan Municipality to Boğaziçi Project Inc. and will help to solve the city's traffic shortage, was shared with the members of the assembly at the meeting attended by President Alinur Aktaş.

The second session of the Parliament of the Metropolitan Municipality was held by President Alinur Aktaş. The only agenda item gathered and the AK Party Bursa deputy Atilla Borc 'as the guest of honor' attended the parliament, discussed BUAP. Boğaziçi Project Inc. Deputy General Manager Yücel Erdem Dişli, the presentation of the project all the details of the council passed to members. In the session, the demands of the opposition party representatives and council members were also taken.

Boğaziçi Project Inc. Assistant General Manager Yücel Erdem Dişli, BUAP's capacity and line as the development of the metron, rail systems, vehicles with rubber wheeled vehicles and non-motorized means to support, he said. In the Bursa Transportation Master Plan, the private vehicle space is narrowed and public transportation vehicles are encouraged. Geared to use the new metro line of 2 within the scope of the project, the existing metro lines will be increased in capacity. In the context of BUAP, which plans to meet with the rail system of many regions in Bursa, Dişli stated that there are many innovations for minibuses and taxis. we aim. The plan we have prepared has been finalized by collecting a lot of data. With the new transportation model that will increase the areas of employment in the future, we foresee to reduce the traffic density in the main arteries and to overcome the problems such as the capacity of the rail system to be insufficient. Gelecek

At the meeting, the members of the political parties and the members of the parliament who wanted to talk about the project and made evaluations. Bursa Transportation Master Plan will be voted on in the third session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council and will take effect.

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