Tünektepe Teleferik 790 Carries Thousands to the Top

tunektepe ropeway 790 has moved a thousand people to peak
tunektepe ropeway 790 has moved a thousand people to peak

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Tünektepe Cable Car Project, since its inception 90 thousand thousand people, including foreign tourists to the peak of 790 carried. Tünektepe was one of the new attractions that didn't go to Antalya.

Tünektepe Teleferik Project, which was opened by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality in February 2017 with the slogan X Your feet will be cut from the ground UM has so far carried the 790 thousand people to the top. Approximately 90 Tünektepe Cable Car Project, which attracted thousands of foreign tourists, became the new attraction center of Antalya. Summer winter visitors flocked to Tünektepe, Antalya, as well as visitors to the city has become a destination. The 605 from Sarısu with the cable car provides transportation to 9 high altitude in minutes. Located at the summit, the Teleferik cafe offers unforgettable moments to its guests with its delicious menus and unique views.

Address of unforgettable flavors
Breakfast is also offered in Tünektepe, which has become a life center where visitors enjoy their time. Guests enjoy a spread breakfast, accompanied by the eye-catching beauty of the most beautiful shades of blue, at a price of 20 TL per person. At the same time, the magnificent view of the Taurus Mountains takes guests on a historical journey in the area where the bristle tents are kept alive. Baked waffle, basma and tahini layer are left to be an unforgettable taste. Visitors can also order breakfast plates.

gorgeous view
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality ANET AŞ. is operated by Tünektepe Social Facilities, Antalya is one of the iconic spaces. The 1706 cabin is carried to the 36 cabin on the 1200 meter-long cable car. Citizens who want to watch the magnificent view of Antalya from Tünektepe can take advantage of the cable car. Guests can benefit from pizza, pasta, salad, meatballs and hamburger menus at the most affordable prices in the main restaurant. The beverage section on the southern terrace offers a rich menu of ice cream, milk corn, karlama and all world coffees.

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