Moving to Istanbul Airport Will Be Completed By March

transport to istanbul airport will be completed by march
transport to istanbul airport will be completed by march

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M.Cahit Turhan stated that Istanbul Airport is the ideal of dreaming and thinking, and said, “Moving operations continue. I hope it will be completed by March. ” said.

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the opening of five operational plants in THY's Istanbul Airport, Turkey, one of the most important institutions of Turkish Airlines, the nation's proud monument of Istanbul expressed satisfaction with the open systems that perform services at the airport.

Speaking of the history of Turkish aviation, Turhan said that THY, which was founded in 1933 with the awareness that the future is in the sky, has been flapping its wings in the sky for 86 years.

Speaking about the importance given to civil aviation by the AK Party governments and the Istanbul Airport, which was opened, Turhan explained that Turkish civil aviation has become a global power with the practices, regulations and actions they have made in the last 16 years.

Expressing that THY is the most significant fruit of the 16-year change, transformation and success story in civil aviation, Turhan said that today, they carried THY to its home, Istanbul Airport, in the light of these dynamics.

Turhan said, “THY will now continue its flight under the wing of the world, based in Istanbul Airport. I am sure that every member of our nation, especially 52 thousand THY employees, is proud of this. ” he spoke.

Talking about the progress made in passenger and cargo transportation in aviation throughout the world, Turhan stated that the global development has become one of the most important elements of development in addition to the national and regional development in the world today.

“The turnover of the sector increased by 11 times”

Turhan, in this context, referring to the work they have done so far, the aviation investment has exceeded the 56 billion pounds, he stressed.

Turhan stated that they have achieved growth in the aviation sector close to the 3 floor of the world average, and that the number of passengers with 34 million exceeded 210 million, and that their target is to reach 450 million passengers.

Turhan said that they have risen to 4th place in Europe and 10th place in the world, saying, “The amount of cargo carried has reached 4 million tons. The number of people employed in the sector reached 205 thousand. The sector's turnover increased by 11 times to 110 billion liras. ” said.

Turhan said they had a lot of work to do, shared expectations about the future of aviation.

Turhan said, “At this point, THY and you, our esteemed employees, have great jobs. Turkish Airlines has one of the youngest fleets in Europe with its current age. With the new planes it will add to its fleet, it will eliminate the risk of loss of service quality over time. Our ultimate goal is to put the world under the wing of THY and make our country the heart of civil aviation. ” he spoke.

“Istanbul will be a transfer and transfer center”

Turhan stated that Istanbul Airport's ideal, dream, and big thinking come to life. I hope it will be completed by March. ” said.

Turan will be one of the largest airports in the world with the capacity of 200 million passengers, Istanbul Airport through the east and west of the city, the north and south countries between the transfer and transfer center, he said.

Turhan, Turkey, arrived at the place where aviation is almost a legend, said the finished by saying:

“The most important actor of this epic is undoubtedly THY. One reason why this saga is valuable is that THY achieved this success in the global league. You will appreciate competing in this league and achieving success, which is not every father's fee. I believe THY will continue its successes without slowing down. Hopefully, with the successful services to be carried out in these facilities, THY will rise from the second place to the first place in the world in recognition at the time of the thesis. It will reach the size of economic value exceeding 30 billion dollars and will increase the number of employees from 52 thousand to 100 thousand. To reach these goals, you should not doubt that we will give every kind of support to our THY, who carried our flag in the sky. This means that THY's wings will grow larger and its global brand value will climb higher. "

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