High Speed ​​Train from Antalya to Izmir


Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan said, “We are also planning to connect Antalya to Izmir by high-speed and high-speed train in the near future. Our project work on this continues. We will start the construction work by including them in the investment program in the coming period. ” said.

Minister Turhan made examinations at the Free Zone Köprülü Intersection in Antalya. Turhan, who received information about the intersection of the 13th Regional Directorate teams, said in a statement to journalists that Antalya, the capital of tourism, is a rapidly developing city. Both agricultural activities in terms of both tourism voicing Turhan increase the density of traffic on the roads, "Our growing Antalya province, is the growing share of Turkey." he spoke.

Turhan explained that the highways connected to the surrounding provinces were transformed into a considerably divided road, and that some intersections had been difficult to drain the traffic in some areas due to increasing traffic, causing blockages, and that they also implemented bridge junctions in these areas.

“Uninterrupted traffic flow will be provided by the bridge junction”

Stating that he needs a bridge junction in the Free Zone Junction, Turhan made the following assessment:

“In the summer months, this ground junction was an intersection that had difficulties in passing the existing traffic, causing congestion in the traffic flow. We turn this place into a bridge intersection. The bridge intersection will be completed in the next few months and will serve uninterrupted traffic flow conditions. ”

Stating that they are also working on the roads connected with neighboring provinces around Antalya, Turhan stated that they are also doing improvement works on the routes that connect Antalya to Anatolia with the inner parts of the Mediterranean Coast Road Mersin, Fethiye-Muğla direction.

More comfortable, economical, short-term travel

Turhan, indicating that the work continues on the environmental road in the district of Alanya, Afyonkarahisar, Burdur, Konya direction to improve the road standards, the duration of the efforts to shorten the time noted. Turhan, said:

“We serve tourism by making the transportation more comfortable, comfortable, economical and short-term, by reducing the increasing number of tourists in Antalya and the additional burden of the traffic generated on our roads. We are carrying out important works to improve our roads and ports that connect agricultural products grown in the region to other regions of our country and abroad. A significant part of these has been completed. ”

Noting that the works at Gazipaşa Fisherman's Shelter, Yacht Harbor and Demre Marina are continuing, Turhan said that these works will be completed within this year and will be put into service and will contribute to Antalya's tourism. kazanHe informed that he would be fired.

“The amount of investments we have made in Antalya until now has approached 11 billion liras. A billion of this was done through the build-operate-transfer method. ” Turhan said that Antalya Airport and Gazipaşa Airport terminals are operated with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.

Emphasizing that the investments will continue, Turhan said, “We are planning to connect Antalya to Izmir by high speed train and train in the near future. Our project work on this continues. We will start the construction work by including them in the investment program in the coming period. ” used expressions.

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