Children learn to play the rules of traffic with Çocuklar Trafiko ”

traffic and traffic rules with children play by learning
traffic and traffic rules with children play by learning

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Transportation Department Traffic Services Branch Office teams periodically train children to raise a conscious generation in traffic. 4. Together with the education given to the students of the class, the a Trafiko eğitim training set prepared by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is presented as a gift. Children learn the rules of traffic by playing this educational set.

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Department of Transportation Directorate of Traffic Services teams in the 2018 12 118 school by going to the school 13 51 XNUMX students gave a total of traffic safety training. In addition to the trainings, “Trafiko in training kit was given to the students.

The trainings provide information to the children about the meaning of the traffic signs, the rules of walking on the sidewalk, the importance of using the safe passage places and the necessity of the use of seat belts. After this information, the children get the chance to repeat the information they have received with the arak Trafiko de training set.

I Trafiko eller training set was prepared by expert personnel in Traffic Services Branch Office. The training set informs and educates children about traffic rules in a fun way. The set Trafiko iko training set, designed to raise children in the future as conscious and respectful individuals in the traffic, gives children the message esi Beautiful with love, respect and tolerance esi.

Children learn the traffic rules with the atı Trafiko de training set and find the opportunity to get to know Kocaeli. The game starts in Çayırova where Kocaeli border is located and ends in Karamürsel, the last border of Kocaeli. While playing the game, the children's playgrounds include the Darıca Zoo, Eskihisar Castle, Osmangazi Bridge, Çenye Park area, Kocaeli Science Center, Kobis, Seka Park, Kocaelispor, Clock Tower, Cengiz Topel Airport, Kartepe Ski Center, Başiskele Beach Park, Resurrection Youth Camp, Aytepe Hiking Trail and Altınkemer Beach.

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