Strike Stage in İzmir Subway Resigned

the strike phase in izmir subway brought the resignation
the strike phase in izmir subway brought the resignation

İZBAN, METRO and TRAMVAY crisis in İzmir continues. Izmir Metro General Manager Sonmez Alev resigned from his position. Flame, explaining the resignation of senior staff members, permission to leave.

IZBAN workers began to strike, and the strike stage in Metro, a high-level resignation took place in Izmir. Izmir Metro Inc. General Manager Sönmez Alev resigned. In addition to the Metro General Directorate, Sönmez Alev was the vice-chairman of the board of directors of İZBAN A.Ş. He resigned from his post at İZBAN A.Ş.

Izmir Metro General Manager announced his resignation to senior employees on Friday evening. Sönmez Alev's meeting said to the employees, “I thought there would be an agreement while bringing Aziz Kocaoğlu here. But it didn't happen. I don't have anything to do with this task anymore. For this reason, I learned that I quit and I am on leave. ”

Aziz Kocaoglu and Metro employees met on Wednesday. At that meeting Kocaoğlu showed the stick to the workers.

When the workers did not accept the dressed 25 offer, Kocaoglu was very angry.

After the tense meeting, Sönmez Alev, the General Manager of İzmir Metro, is considered to have been dismissed.

He asked both Sönmez Alev and Izmir Metropolitan Municipality official about the resignation of the National Channel. Sönmez Alev did not respond to the questions while the municipality was given Bel leave to leave ken response. (National)



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