İZBAN Workers: Sonra If This Approach Continues, Two Years After Strike is Inevitable İZ

the strike is unpredictable after two years
the strike is unpredictable after two years

The strike of İZBAN workers, whose strikes were banned, was concluded with 26 on average with the threat of the High Arbitration Board.

İZBAN workers, whose strikes were banned by the President and whose contracts were terminated with the threat of the High Arbitration Committee, said, “Our demands will be valid during the next contract period and the strike is inevitable again as long as this understanding continues Gre.

İZBAN strike by the President after company executives to ban Erdogan and Turkey Railways Workers Union executives seated at a table the day before and had concluded a contract with 26 percent on average. Since the management of İZBAN has sat on the table with the High Arbitration Board card, the last session of the TİS meeting was closed. In case the bid was not accepted, the Supreme Arbitral Tribunal was to give the final word.


İZBAN workers talked about the completed contract, recalling the demands of the strike on the table because they can not meet, ık We realized that the demands on the day when the strike was completed in an antidemocratic way. They took the trump card, they gave it to the employer. If the High Arbitral Tribunal had signed the contracts taking into account the inflation rates in the country, the subsistence indices and the situation in the business, we would not terminate this collective agreement in this way, we would send the rest to YHK, but we know that the GCC does not take these into account. When we had this ahead of us, we had no possibility of not accepting. Ön

Workers who stated that the 14.5 was the one that was offered before the strike started, g It went up to 26, even up to 30. Going to the High Arbitral Tribunal would also take away our gains. The official offer is 14.5, and if it goes to YHK, it will give it a few points. They were able to achieve greater gains while exposing them to a lower risk, Daha he said.


Workers who stated that their demands would be valid in the next collective agreement process, said:: At the moment there is a malaise and demoralization among the workers, but this is not something to be overcome. The workers could stand unity and unity against the CHP and the AKP's view of the strike as political material and against the unjust accusations of the people of Izmir. This is actually the main achievement of İZBAN workers. 2. experience from the strike experience will be an advantage in the next TIS period. The rights that we cannot obtain in this contract will be up-to-date in the next contracting process and we will fight for their fulfillment. Bu

As long as this approach towards workers has not changed, the workers, who stated that the strike is inevitable, said, çiler Our biggest demand is to get the same salary as the workers in the rail transportation arm, but the difference with the metro workers in the nearest is not closed. This is a situation that harms work peace. A strike ban would be a possibility, as well as the possibility of a strike. The legal struggle against the strike will be given. We will explain why we went on strike in every platform and how it ended unlawfully. Bundan


The workers, who also evaluated the attitude of the strike-related unions, said, di If Izmir's unequivocal labor and democratic forces could provide the necessary support to this strike, the process would not come here and the strike was not so easily banned. Workers from many unions came and supported their support, but ignored the strike, especially with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, except for a few of the unions sitting at the collective meeting table. While they remained silent in their seats, İZBAN workers resisted 29 for the day and fought against the accusations, but the rate of 26 would be a precedent for them and they would sit on this table at the table X.UNIVERSAL)

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