High Speed ​​Train to Malatya Railway Station

speed train malatya garina future
speed train malatya garina future

AKP Malatya Member of Parliament and MKYK Member Öznur Çalık, the high speed train to be made between Malatya -Elazığ and Malatya Central Station will be the next train, after Malatya station Arguvan Bahçeli location on the lake to be built with the bridge of Elazığ Baskil district of Kumlutarla connect to Baskil told. Stating that his statement regarding the high speed train route was misunderstood, Çalık said ıl Malatya Gar is the station for the high-speed train Hızlı.

AKP Malatya deputy and MKYK member Oznur Calik, Malatya-Elazig in his written statement to the train planned for the high-speed train route to Elazığ in Malatya as soon as the perception of the transition and the response on the response, said that the high-speed train will stop at Malatya station. Yazgan's Durucasu neighborhood, then Arguvan Bozburun (Parçikan), Karababa, Morhamam, Drinking and Gardening Gardens will follow the route, he said.

In a written statement made by Öznur Çalık, the fast train route will follow Arguvan's Bozburun (Parçikan), Karababa, Morhamam, Içerce and Bahçeli neighborhoods after the Durucasu neighborhood of Yazıhan. the district of Kumlutarla was connected to Baskil. In addition, Çalık stated that the EIA process was started for the high speed train with 126 kilometers.

On the response to the perception of the route on the clock 19.30 queues with a description of misunderstanding corrected.

In the images in the annex to the written description of the high speed train, the fast train creates a perception that the Malatya is not stopping by, but it is not true to record Çalık, said:

Dır Malatya-Elazığ High Speed ​​Train Project is the continuation of the Malatya-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project. The Malatya-Sivas High Speed ​​Train Project has previously been publicized and is now available until the current Malatya station. There is no such situation as the High Speed ​​Train does not come to the center of Malatya. Malatya Gar is a fast train station. In addition, the starting point of the Malatya-Elazığ High Speed ​​Train Project is located on the Malatya-Sivas high-speed train route in the Durucasu area. Since the railway between Malatya and Elazığ is not technically feasible for the high-speed train, the new route has been determined. It is not possible for a high-speed train to reach Elazığ or Diyarbakır route from Ankara to Malatya Gar. This issue was confirmed during our meeting with the General Manager of State Railways Bu. (Source: I malatyahaber.co - Yeni Malatya Newspaper)

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