Speed ​​Limit in Cars in Kahramanmaraş Rises to 82

speed limit in heromarast cars 82ye çikiyor
speed limit in heromarast cars 82ye çikiyor

1 February 2019 82 in order to relieve urban traffic, the speed limit in cars XNUMX'ya said.

Yusuf Deliktaş, head of the Department of Transportation Services of the Metropolitan Municipality of Kahramanmaras, made a statement about the issue and stated that the decision taken by the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) will be implemented from the date of 1 February 2019.

Head of Department Deliktas said in a statement: şehir The most important artery of our city is currently under the authority of highways which we call the South Ring Road but it passes through the city and also removes the large traffic density. With the latest regulations, especially in regions such as Ağcalı Junction and Ağabeyli Junction, traffic has become more streamlined. In this direction, a speed update to meet that comfort was deemed necessary. According to our traffic law on urban roads, the speed of the traffic on the ring roads have been removed by the UKOME traffic speed up to 82 km. We did a similar application in the city, but the redundancy of the pedestrian crossings in the city did not recognize us much. That's why we didn't make any revisions in the city, but we increased the speed limit for 70 km to 82 km for the motorway and 1 will be implemented as of February 2019. Previously on the highway 70 cars with the speed limit of the 82 will have the opportunity to watch. In this way, the traffic will become more fluid. This app will only apply to cars. In the type of automobiles, which we call the middle class, our speed limit is 70 km. We have increased the speed limit in cars because the number of vehicles is too much and also the mobility is more. Araç



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