Snow and Landslide Challenge in Alanya

snow and landslide
snow and landslide

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the high sections of Alanya, clearing the roads closed by snow and landscaping opened for transportation.

The rainy weather, which has been effective for a while in Alanya and its surroundings, has had a negative impact on life especially in high places. The torrential rainfall caused a landslide in the Taşatan area and snowfall in the high sections caused the roads to be shut down. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Rural Services teams, business machines closed the roads immediately intervened. The family of 5, who was buried in mud with tools in Taşatan district, was rescued by the Metropolitan Municipality teams. The teams worked at Tashatan all day long. Roads were closed due to landslides and snow. The connection of the district residents with the district was restored.

Snow clearance was also carried out at Alanya Gedevet Plateau Road. The busy work of the Yayla highway Metropolitan teams was opened again. Uzunöz prevented the transportation of rock falling on the road due to landslide in the neighborhood. As a result of intensive work with the work machines, the crew removed the road from the road and the transportation to the neighborhood was restored. The landslide formed in Fakircali-Sapadere-Beyreli group road was removed and the road was opened to traffic

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