Children with Autism Enjoy Skiing


Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality, benefiting from the sports training program within the Info House 32 autistic children and students due to the semester holidays Karacadağ Ski Center organized an event.

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Youth and Sports Services organized an activity in Karacadag Ski Center of Siverek District of Sanliurfa in order to increase the motivation of students with free education in Bilgi Evi to increase their morale and social skills in autism. In order to improve the social communication skills of children with autism and to increase their physical and environmental awareness, the youngsters enjoyed the skiing for the first time. Children with autism who participated in the event together with their families, took ski training by experts in the center, recorded with sleds and played snowball. Children with autism who had very enjoyable moments were given t-shirts and offered a variety of food.

Beginning with children with autism, the semester activity continued with the participation of Bilgi Evi students. In order to increase the students' morale and motivation, the transportation of the children was provided by the public transportation vehicles of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality. Students who had the opportunity to ski for the first time had the opportunity to have a fun day by stressing the activity.

Parents, indicating that such activities are important for their children to be more successful in their lessons, thanked the Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality for their close attention to the organization and children.

The Department of Youth and Sports Services will continue its education in the Info House after the semester and motivation enhancing activities for children.

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