Samsun-Sivas Railway Line to Open in 2019

samsun sivas fast train line will be urgent in 2019
samsun sivas fast train line will be urgent in 2019

President of the AK Party to explain the AK Party mayors in the local elections of the 31 March and AK Party President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Samsun - Sivas to run between the railway line will be opened in the year 2019 announced the opening.


Samsun Tekkeköy Yaşar Doğu Sports Hall, Erdoğan said that the railway line between Samsun and Sivas will be completed in 2019 year and train transportation will be provided.

The last stage of the works on the Samsun-Sivas railway line, which is 378 kilometers away, was reached. On the Samsun-Sivas railway line, where the 2015 is in operation in September, the 420 kilometer is included.


Transfer of freight traffic in the north-south corridor to railways

80 physical progress was achieved in the modernization study. So far, the 383 mileage was installed. The total production cost of the project is 1,2 billion liras.

With this study; The infrastructure and superstructure of the 90 annual line will be renewed and the line capacity will be increased with the commissioning of the signalization system and the freight traffic in the north-south corridor will be transferred to the railways.


Project; In the line section with high load transportation potential, train speeds, line capacity and capability have been increased, more comfortable, safe and fast operation and maintenance costs were aimed. 58 part of the project was covered by EU grant funds and the rest was covered by own funds. Before the project, the number of trains with 20 will be increased to 30, which will increase the line capacity by a percentage of 50. (Source: gerçektaraf)

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