Salihli's Modern Junction is Counting Days for Opening

salihlinin modern intersection gun counts for emergency
salihlinin modern intersection gun counts for emergency

In order to ensure the safe transportation of the citizens and to relax the flow of traffic, the first stage (overpass) of the bridge-crossing project on the E96 İzmir-Ankara highway by the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa will be put into service in the coming days. Izmir-Ankara highway on the way to the resort of the intersection of the citizens of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality due to the route of the resort is also intensely used by the Deputy Secretary General Yilmaz Gençoğlu, next 10 in the day the first phase of the intersection of the heralded that they plan to open to traffic.

One of the giant investments of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which is one of the major investments of Salihli, is at the end of the project. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Yilmaz Gencoglu, the citizens will provide transportation in a safe way and the flow of traffic will be relieved in the project examined the work. E96 İzmir-Ankara highway, outside of Manisa, which is intensively used by citizens from the current status of the intersection project that provides information about the Deputy Secretary General Yılmaz Gençoğlu, kav Asphalt work at the crossing of the crossroads, lighting and barrier works have been completed. Very small works left. In the next 10 day, we plan to open the upper part of the junction for traffic. Then we will start the production of asphalt on the side roads in the second stage. We don't have too much work on these roads. We are planning to have our work done completely in mid-March, if weather conditions give hand. Hava



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