Prosecutor Sordu, TCDD Signals in Confusion

prosecutor asked tcddde signals snow
prosecutor asked tcddde signals snow

13 December 2018 9 XNUMX in Ankara, the public prosecutor who carried out the investigation of the death of a train accident Oğuz Ejder Özdemir Özdemir, TCDD asked questions. There were conflicting answers to these questions from two different institutions of the TCDD.

CumhuriyetAccording to the report of Alican Uludağ, TCDD General Directorate stated that the matter entered the field of activity of the General Directorate of TCDD Business, avoiding responding to the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office asking whether there is a signaling system in the region.

General Directorate of TCDD also said, “The signaling system is not mandatory. General directorate, whether the direction of the line of questioning the mechanics will be questioned or wrong, why he was even asked if there is any regulation to be asked about the direction, while the Directorate General of TCDD blamed the machinists on the contrary di YHT machinists are obliged to stop the moment they enter the Hat 2 the opposite direction Genel expression was used.

TCDD General Directorate Inspection Board Presidency, in the 4-page letter it sent to the prosecutor's office, referred the question of how the routing of the trains on the lines is done if there is no signaling system, to the General Directorate of TCDD Enterprise. KazanIn the article, which reported that the speed limit at the location of the train is 110 m/h, it was emphasized that there is no regulation in the legislation regarding the questioning of the routing to the train lines by the machinists or asking why they were directed to that line when it is thought to be wrong.

'Signaling is not mandatory'

General Directorate of TCDD, Traffic and Station Management Department. kazanHe stated that there is even a signaling system. In the article, it was stated that "In the absence of a signaling system, the traffic of the trains is directed with the TMI system or different systems, and the presence of a signaling system is not mandatory for routing the trains." In the article, which was described as the Central Administration (TMI) system of the trains on the Ankara-Sincan line, it was argued that the YHT driver, who was directed to go from H1 by the traffic controller and dispatcher, should stop immediately when he entered Line 2. Despite these clear rules, the article emphasized that there is no regulation on the YHT to go from Line 2, that is, from the opposite direction, and it was said, "In this case, it is obligatory for YHT drivers to stop as soon as they enter Line 2, which is the opposite direction."

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