Prof. Overpass Comes to Baki Komsuoğlu Street

prof baki is coming to komsuoglu street
prof baki is coming to komsuoglu street

📩 14/01/2019 12:24

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality by Kabaoğlu Mahallesi in the district of Izmit. The tender for the pedestrian overpass project, which will be awarded to Baki Komsuoğlu Street, was held in the Metropolitan Municipality's service building. On the street of the TÜRGEV ​​dormitory in front of the tender for the crossing the Metropolitan, pedestrians will be able to cross safely.

Professor A tender was held for the construction of the bridge, which would also ease transportation in Baki Komsuoğlu Street. 8 firm offered to the session held in the metropolitan procurement hall. The lowest bid 1 gave the highest bid 132 million 230 thousand 1 TL BADUR Construction with the 880 thousand 571 TL when giving the highest bid.

Prof. Dr. Kabaoğlu Neighborhood Baki Komsuoğlu Street on the front of the TÜRGEV ​​dormitory, double lift will be. The length of the overpass will be 34, the width is 3, and the height from the road will be 6.25 meters. The modern overpass will eliminate the hardship of pedestrian access to the region, and students and their parents will not experience problems due to seasonal conditions after the construction is completed.

Companies Offers
DFB Construction 1 million 132 bin 230 TL
HELKA Construction 1 million 339 thousand 744 TL
ATLASBK Construction 1 million 498 thousand 099 TL
KANDEMİR Construction 1 million 554 thousand 422 TL
EMAY Architect. Elec. Construction 1 million 620 thousand 482 TL
UFUK ÇINAR-DESIGN Construction 1 million 665 bin 640 TL
GERSUT Construction 1 million 694 thousand 569 TL
BADUR Construction 1 million 880 thousand 571 TL

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