Pirelli P Zero World is now in Dubai

pirelli p zero world
pirelli p zero world

Dubai, - P Zero World, Los Angeles, Munich and Monte Carlo, followed by the fourth admiral store opened on a third continent. This store concept, a distinguished symbol of Pirelli's retail strategy and its leading position in the world, now writes its name in a key region that connects the Middle East to the rest of the world. More than 60 cars from the automobile and local collectors celebrated the opening of the new store after making a parade in the city. The next day, more than 200 cars appeared on the runway at Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi for the ”P Zero Experience Abu, the Pirelli brand's own track day event.

The P Zero World concept is often described as a ece tire boutique anmış or as a store where customers can find the most exclusive Pirelli products as well as services dedicated to the exotic worlds of luxury and sports cars. The full range of Pirelli tires, including Pirelli Collezione, designed to combine the classic look with the modern performance for the cars of the P Zero Trofeo R, the high-performance road homologated tire of the product range, is only available at the P Zero World boutiques.

Naturally, the complete range of Pirelli products including motorcycle tires and Velo tires and Pirelli Design accessories is offered to customers. The exclusive services offered to customers at the new P Zero World store in Dubai include substitution car support during the valet service and service. P Zero World also allows visitors to experience the world of Pirelli in every detail, from visuals that represent the world's most famous calendar to the many colors of the F1.

All this highlights Pirelli's strategy for premium and prestige products; The strong leadership position held by the Italian company in the premium and prestigious segment of the tire market, which is constantly growing, is recognized by both customers and car manufacturers. The fact that Pirelli supplies more than half of the prestige cars in the world as original equipment reveals this in numbers. According to this, more than one of the two super cars leave the factory with Pirelli tires, and the Italian company confirms its leadership in the high-value products sector with a share of 20 from the premium market.


Located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has always been an important center of commerce and transport from the past to the present, as well as one of the most open places in the Middle East region to receive influences and trends from the rest of the world. Therefore, it is no coincidence that Dubai will host the 25 Expo world fair, which is expected to attract 2020 million tourists. Dubai, which has a very high interest in cars, has the second most important automobile market in the Gulf region following Saudi Arabia. The United Arab Emirates is positioned in the center of the automobile market in the Middle East region, where annual 4-5 growth is expected in the luxury car segment in the next few years.

Evidence of this intense passion can be seen even in the Dubai security forces, which have a super fleet of cars that every car collector can be proud of. The fleet includes cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari FF, the Bentley Continental GT, the McLaren 12C and the Audi R8. Some of these cars belonging to the security forces were among the 60 super cars that participated in a parade in honor of the opening of the P Zero World store in Dubai. W Motors, active in Dubai and the first hyper-automobile company in the Arab countries, attracted attention at the opening of the P Zero World store with a Pirelli-equipped Fenyr SuperSport. W Motors CEO Ralph R. Debbas was one of the guests of the opening ceremony and also exhibited at Aston Martin Zagato. The opening of the P Zero World store in Dubai was also the beginning of the centenary celebrations of the company, for the famous Italian manufacturer of automotive industry, Zagato.

For this reason, it is not surprising that this passion for sports cars in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates in general goes hand in hand with clear and clear preferences of drivers. In the case of tires, homologations and marked tires are of great strategic importance in this market where super-car owners prefer to buy tires specifically designed for cars to be worn when they need to change a tire or in other words. This choice reflects the essence of what Pirelli called the lad Perfect Fit te in the segment where the Italian company is the market leader.

The markings on the tires indicate that they are produced exclusively for a specific car model, while different symbols are used for different manufacturers. These tires are the result of a joint development program between Pirelli and the carmakers in question, which is around 2-3, which is a year-long development program, and as a result, it is exactly as customized for the cars they are targeting. This provides a basic guarantee for the owners of these cars that they can achieve the maximum in terms of performance and handling characteristics that characterize the car's basic design.


The P Zero World store in Dubai, 5 technician, 2 salesman and a receptionist work in the 600 new building (with showrooms and workshops). There are four ramps where tire maintenance can be done using the most advanced machines. These advanced machines include the most modern lasers that make tire adjustments, and fully automated tire assembly equipment that doesn't require human intervention, and technology that doesn't hurt the wheel. The P Zero World store in Dubai also uses one of the fastest balancing machines on the market, which can quickly overlook overlooked problems such as steering wheel vibrations that traditional systems cannot detect.

While technicians are interested in the car, customers can enjoy their time with a real-size Formula 1 simulator, while enjoying the true Italian coffee served by the P Zero World store. A bulunuy Track Expert Uzman is ready to serve customers to provide specific recommendations on vehicle installation and tire management as well as driving on the track.

Gaetano Trezza, senior executive at Pirelli Trade and Operational Marketing, who attended the event and made an assessment of the P Zero World concept, said:

Lı Pirelli's retail strategy is focused on sales points with partners already active in their region. This is also true for our distributor, Al Hawai, who has been working with Pirelli for 32 years in Dubai. Therefore, we can take advantage of a loyal customer base and above all the reliability and skill of companies that are most passionate about our business. P Zero World represents the most valuable jewel in the crown of this strategy, where customers can discover our brand, exclusive products and exclusive services at the highest level and in a unique context. Our customers have the opportunity to get more detailed information about our partner brands that contribute to create an atmosphere that makes the P Zero World store different from all other tire facilities. The next P Zero World will be opened in Melbourne, Australia. Bir

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