Özhaseki: "Domestic Preference in Rail System is a Significant Contribution to the Industry"

ozhaseki rail system in the domestic preference an important contribution to the industry
ozhaseki rail system in the domestic preference an important contribution to the industry

AK Party Deputy Chairman and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki, the importance of production and industry, "If you get used to getting out of the country if you are not in the country, you can not say much about the future of the country and can not make great dreams," he stressed.

As the 31 March Local Elections approach, the work of the candidates continues at full speed. AK Party Deputy Chairman and Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Candidate Mehmet Özhaseki and Altındağ Mayor and Yenimahalle Mayor Candidate Veysel Tiryaki met with industrialists from OSTİM.

Former President Cemil Cicek, AK Party deputy Necati Cetinkaya and Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Vice Chairman Yasar Yildirim and many OSTIM members participated in the program held in OSTIM OSB Conference Hall.

OSTİM OSB Chairman of the Board Orhan Aydin, who hosted the program, conveyed the expectations from the municipalities from the industrial window and talked about the works that have been done and can not be done until today.

Noting that OSTİM plays a leading role in the transformation of Ankara from the civil servant city to the industrial city, Aydın said, ına In 1980 years, the activity started here, and what we call industrial production starts up and down OSTİM. Later on, OIZs occurred in Ankara. And they are their protector; The starting point and address of 80 of firms in other OIZs in Ankara is OSTİM. Their addresses are still going on here. Of course we have constant relations with municipalities. OIZs have their own sanctions according to their laws, but they cannot be separated from our municipalities. There are so many things we can do together side by side. Yan

OSTIM is located in the city; Since there is no independent OIZ, Mr. Aydın stated that the roads and infrastructures are used by the whole city and said: ığ We ask our municipality for continuous support and assistance regarding their maintenance. Even though they have problems from time to time, the continuous support and contribution of our Metropolitan Municipality has been especially in recent times. We would like to continue this and of course, we expect and thank you for the work done. Uz he said.

The domestic choice in the rail system is an important contribution to the industry

AK Party Ankara Metropolitan Municipality President Candidate Mehmet Özhaseki and OSTIM is a joint effort that draw attention to the Orhan Aydin, Kayseri, domestic and national production of Özhaseki due to the use of subway said they have commemorated Özhaseki.

He said:: As a mayor who has built tram cars in Kayseri locally and nationally, we are always commemorating him in all situations in which we are absent. A subway vehicle produced by our company in Ankara is currently serving in Kayseri. This is not an easy thing; Let's take a subway car, not work in Kayseri. subway car in Turkey, rail systems are a very important contribution to the vernacularization and nationalized the industry.

Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) as we follow all policies in Turkey. We want and expect your success story in Kayseri to be moved to Ankara. Ankara Subway; We sincerely desire the construction of the Esenboğa-Ankara line by both local, national and Ankara companies. Our companies are able to do this. Because this Ankara company also; The company also built Bangkok Subway in Thailand and operated in Thailand. We are proud and honored. in Ankara Bozankaya Our company, Bursa Durmazlar Our company is currently working in many cities in our local and mile metro vehicles. Bursa, Samsun, Kocaeli, Kayseri. A nice trambus project has been done about Malatya and it is working now. We would like to bring this to the agenda for Ankara as a transportation solution.

The purchase policies of municipalities are critical for industrialization

The purchasing policies of our metropolitan municipalities and municipalities have a critical importance for industrialization. There are two major leverage behind the development of developed countries. One of them is defense industry and the other is public procurement. Two critical topics around the world for the development of technology. As the Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara, it is a great blessing that domestic and national firms and especially the defense industry network have been developed especially in Ankara.

Ankara defense industry sector and companies can fly the unmanned aerial vehicle in the sky and can fly in Northern Iraq. We need to ask ourselves what the industry does. with our entire team, we are talking about the machines that are not available in our municipality; If you have equipment that comes to your imagination, we do not accept 'can not do'.

Can you make a vehicle for mine removal? they say. We can do it. The Metropolitan and Yenimahalle Municipality are saying: There is nothing to be done here. Share your needs with us, we do it with us. In

Brother Cities Opportunity

Vocational courses organized by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality BELTEK'in a very precious structure that reminded me of Aydın, BELTEK'ın wanted to be developed at the point of employment.

De It is on our agenda that an industrial museum can be built. We have expectations in this direction. UM Orhan Aydın continued his speech by saying:, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has a sister city of 44. Cities, firms must be in the midst of this competition. I feel that these relationships are very mediocre here is a critical thing. Regarding the development of the country, cities must be in the middle of this competition. Sister cities are an important point of contact. What we can do; We need to create a platform in Ankara. Ankara, Turkey's number one city in the information. There is a valley formed here; Hacettepe, Bilkent, METU. We've got to fill this up.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has very good practices. Let's make them a package. We make infrastructure, superstructure and landscaping very well. So we can move it to other cities, we can produce an economy from it. Social, education, transportation, development projects.

We have OIZs, companies and clusters in Ankara. We have 7 clusters. Ankara is the center of rail systems. Ankara actually has a very valuable infrastructure. Why not see the needs of other countries together with this ecosystem, let's not sell them. Not just sell. Maybe we can take them from them. It can be a point of mutual economic relations with each other. Karşılık

“We stand by our industrialist“

Mayor Candidate and the AK Party candidate for Mayor of Yenimahalle Dr. Veysel Tiryaki gave information about his works and projects in Altındağ.

In Altındağ, Tiryaki emphasized that there are always big and small tradesmen and said,, We can do very important things in the business world in Yenimahalle.

Pointing out that Yenimahalle is the most important industrial and manufacturing center of Ankara, Tiryaki pointed out the value added by OSTIM to the region. He stated that they have the experience to transform Yenimahalle into a place that has the signature of international business.

Yenimahalle, industry, technology, information technology and business fields, not only in Ankara, Turkey also stressed that they want to make the brand Veysel Tiryaki, "It's valuable for our industrialists and manufacturing, we stand by our all trades that contribute to our national economy." Gave the message.

"OSTİM samples to be taken somewhere in Turkey"

Yaşar Yıldırım, deputy chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party and Ankara Deputy, said that he was happy to be in OSTİM and he frequently visited OSTİM.

Yasar Yildirim, OSTIM Chairman Orhan Aydin expressed his happiness in each meeting with the words continued: ifade When I come to OSTIM, I come with happiness if I come with Orhan Aydin Bey. The reason is, I see progress in my country. OSTİM is a place where the samples will be taken in Turkey. We are witnessing and seeing how the defense industry develops and how the informatics industry develops. So I thank OSTIM very much. For all the work you do on behalf of this country, God bless you all.

”Production is very precious“

AK Party Ankara Metropolitan Municipality President Candidate Mehmet Özhaseki, an industrialist family, and the problems of the industry said he knew well.

Özhaseki emphasized that production is of critical importance for the country. Hus If you are accustomed to buying from the country without production, you cannot say very well about the future of the country and make great dreams. The country itself should produce from a to z, from needle to thread and must follow the developments. Ül

The experienced politician pointed out the rapid changes and the necessity of adapting to the era we live in. Değişim We live in such an age that the change is very fast. This is the work of the big businessmen, especially after the governments, to understand and understand the rapid change. If you do not understand the change correctly, if you cannot properly design your situation correctly, then over time your situation will deteriorate and you will get worse. In this sense, I am in your presence as one who knows that each OIZ is very valuable for this country that makes production of technokent.'N

Özhaseki gave examples of the importance of local and national activities in rail system investments as follows: inden When I emerged to implement a rail system in time, starting from its first project, it was necessary to make some systems under the ground, laying the rails, poles and electrification. it was a mystery. We've always been out. If they said what they said, we looked in their eyes. Dış

Mehmet Özhaseki is a member of ARUS in Kayseri Tram tender during Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. Bozankaya company preferred domestic and national trams produced a significant price advantage. BozankayaDelivered 2016 tram sets to Kayseri in 30.

Emphasizing that local governments are an important actor in the economy of cities, Özhaseki continued his words as follows: Municipalities, the local government, the people in the city, how much production of the people who take their goods to evaluate their own, then the exhibition can even show.

Everyone knows Ankara as a civil servant city. The government is here; officials will of course. But Ankara is a huge industrial city. This is not known, it is not highlighted. This is a huge commercial city, and there are many areas to benefit from. Health tourism can benefit from, you need to take the forefront. It currently benefits but can be much faster and bigger. We can benefit from faith tourism, thermal tourism, nature tourism. Ankara is a bit bigger in the environment where all this is achieved. Everyone in the growing medium gets a little more share of the pie. Büy

Özhaseki touched on the transportation plans for Ankara, sistem I calculated the project related to rail systems. The work we do on our roads and rail systems is the 20 billion. 15 billion is related to rail systems. Yes, we can bring this money to the industry of Ankara here. We can make it very comfortable. Because when there is an industrial site with such a talent, it is not right to go outside and find someone and race them equally and direct the tender.

In the municipality you will think of what is to be used, from the benches to the waste basket, to the lighting elements, the simplest things. Our industry can do this. In itself, we can return this economy in a much more comfortable way. " said. (OSTİM)



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