Automotive 13 The Third Time Export Champion

Automotive 13th times export champion
Automotive 13th times export champion

📩 11/01/2019 11:23

Alper Kanca, the President of the Association of Vehicles and Supply Industrialists (TAYSAD), emphasized that the automobile sector has also completed the 2018 as the export champion. 31 for the third time in a year finished as the export champion. 568 billion 19 million dollars in the Turkish Automotive Sector has made the 13 of the exports of the Supply Industry formed.

In Turkey, Hook stated that 2018 years in total 168 billion 88 million dollars of exports is reached, "according to data from the Turkey Exporters Assembly, the country's exports have increased 2018 percent compared to last year in 7 168 billion 88 million was realized as USD. Exports of the Automotive Industry increased by 11 in this period and reached 31 billion 568 million dollars. Our supply industry has realized 12 billion 10 million-dollar export by providing 850 increase by XNUMX compared to the previous year. Tedarik

'Most export to Germany again Almanya

Germany is the most important market of the automotive supply industry, said Kanca. Veril According to the data of Uludağ Automotive Industry Exporters Association, Germany was the first in our sector exports this year. 2018'da 4 billion 752 million dollars in the automotive exports to Germany, we have achieved an increase of 9'ye percent compared to the previous year. Our exports to countries such as France, Spain, Belgium and Slovenia increased, while our exports to the US and Iran declined. Fransa

Indicating that the current capacities of TAYSAD members will focus mainly on exports, Kanca said, “In 2019, we expect our sector exports to be 32 billion dollars. This year, as the supply industry, we will direct our existing capacities mainly to exports Bu.

Ve Contraction in Production and Sales “

Stating that there is a contraction in production and sales at 2018, Kanca said, UM Our production figures have not been announced yet, but our estimate is that the 2018 production figures will be at the level of 5 million 1 thousand with a decrease of approximately 560 compared to the previous year. According to the Automotive Distributorship Association, 2017 thousand sales figures in 956, 2018 35 declined by 621 fell to thousand thousand. In 2019, we expect our production to be at the level of 1 million and 480 will be at the level of one thousand units. Bin

Kanca stated that despite the decrease in production and sales, the faces of the exports laugh. I According to the data of the Automotive Industry Association, the export figure of 2017 in the automotive sector in 28,5 has increased by 2018 by 11 and reached to 31,5 billion dollars. In the automotive supply industry, 12 has reached 10 billion by increasing its 850 by XNUMX compared to last year, ğ he said.

”The sector expects incentives to provide cost advantage l

Kanca stated that electricity and natural gas costs, which are the most important expenditure items in industrial production, recorded a significant increase in the last 2 year. Önemli Lastly, the increase in our production expenses has been added to the minimum wage. As in all sectors, the automotive sector will be affected by these increases. For the 13 year-on-year export champion, we expect the extension of existing incentives or new incentives as a whole sector to reduce the impact of cost increases on the automotive sector, the engine of the industry. X

Ciddi There was a significant increase in electricity and natural gas in terms of TL and Euro “

TAYSAD Organized Industrial Zone reflected in the electricity and natural gas prices reflected in the companies that transfer Kanca, - 2017 January - 2018 December electricity cost in terms of TL percent 71, Euro in terms of approximately 13 increase in question. In the same period, the amount of natural gas in terms of 85 on the basis of TL, and 22 in the Euro-based cost increase, da he said.

Ici Did you say women wouldn't be industrialists? “

Mr. Yalçın Paslı, Customer Relations Coordinator of Tezmaksan, a member of TAYSAD, said, "You Say Not A Woman Industrialist?" Kanca, who also mentioned his book titled “Paslı, had written two books named“ Lives Shaped by Torna ”, in which he once again included stories of industrialists. Rusty, now limited to describe the adventure that not be a surprise for Turkey industrialists women than by industry "Women Industrialists MI No way you said?" published a book called. With this book, Rusty has also answered a question that is viewed with suspicion in the society. There are also very successful industrialists from women… As TAYSAD, we see the book as a very important and successful social responsibility work in order to encourage especially vocational high school students and offer them role models ”.

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