Constructing the Passenger Area to the Newborn Station Site Tender Result

new platform for the passenger station
new platform for the passenger station

Construction of Passenger Area to Newborn Station Site

2018 firms submitted bids for the tender for the construction of the Passenger Platform for the Neonatal Station, which has the 656126/243.537,23 KIK limit value of TL 307.984,51 and the approximate cost of TR Directorate of State Railways Management (TCDD), with a bid of 17 TL ESMİR CONSTRUCTION - RENGİN BALANLI won the joint venture.

The tender shall cover the production of C 25 / 30 compressive strength class, of normal ready mixed concrete pouring (including concrete conveying) and other works, produced or purchased in a concrete plant and pressed by a concrete pump. The duration of the work is 120 (one hundred and twenty) calendar days from the place delivery.



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