Line Work Done On 4 Thousand 118 Kilometers Road in Muğla

muglada 4 bin 118 mileage on the road
muglada 4 bin 118 mileage on the road

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality teams continue their horizontal / vertical marking activities throughout the province.

Muğla Metropolitan Municipality teams, in the context of the horizontal and vertical marking work carried out on the roads in the province, as well as traffic arrangement, warning signs, deformed or deformed deceleration warning lines, pedestrian crossing, median head offset scanning and road marking applications continue. 5018 pieces of hand application (Deceleration Warning Lines, Pedestrian Crossing, Refuge Head Offset Scan) and 4118 Km road line were drawn by teams.

In the statement made by the Metropolitan Municipality on the subject: ile We encounter difficult road conditions at many points along with our road network being wide and the factors arising from the natural structure. In order to ensure safe transportation, we eliminate the marking deficiencies, including priority priority warning signs. In this context, the municipality is not in the area of ​​responsibility for road routes are almost no marking. During our marking works, we take care not to leave the roads unmarked by intervening on the road routes that are the responsibility of our district municipalities in order to prevent the elements that can cause accidents in the places we see dangerous in terms of transportation and traffic. Ve

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