Teams in Konya against the snow and icing

snow teams 24 hours per hour 2
snow teams 24 hours per hour 2

Uğur İbrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, visited the Metropolitan Municipality Road Monitoring and Control Center where the snow clearing activities were coordinated. Here Altay, the radio meeting with teams, the center of the municipality and 900 staff in all districts and 400 24 vehicle hours of work, he said.

Uğur İbrahim Altay, Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality, visited the Metropolitan Municipality Road Monitoring and Coordination Center where the snow clearing works in various parts of the city were coordinated.

Providing information about the work done in the field with the teams who perform snow clearing radio meeting President Altay, thanks to all staff for their hard work.


President Altay said, Başkan There has been a very nice snowfall in our city. There are also difficulties. We are conducting snow removal works very intensively. We work intensively in the center and in our 28 district. At the 25 point in the center, snow removal is being carried out with our Emergency Response Teams. Especially, we try to keep our priority places such as main arteries, intercity connection roads, hospitals and schools open. 28 in the 7 district outside the center of our friends are working intensively in the region, Merkez he said.


Altay stated that they work as 900 personnel and 400 vehicles in all districts as Konya Metropolitan Municipality. Eler Our friends are making an intense effort in order not to have any negatives. Our staff are working hard to clean the city square and the pavements of our citizens. We're vigilant with all our teams. Without snow tires, it is important for our citizens not to get into traffic, especially if they are going to travel between intercity and districts and have tow rope and chock. We also expect a little more precision on the pavement cleaning of our tradesmen. Thus, we can clean our city much easier, Böylece he said.

Street animals for the metropolitan and district municipalities as they do serious work on food recording President Altay, citizens to give food to street animals also asked for support. President Altay said, erek Snow is abundance, beauty is. It is a joy for both our farmers and our people. Hem

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