Konya Science Center Hosted 1 Million 225 Thousand Science Curiosities

konya science center 1 million 225 engaged thousand science enthusiasts
konya science center 1 million 225 engaged thousand science enthusiasts

Konya Metropolitan Municipality to Konya kazanTurkey's first TÜBİTAK supported Science Center became the center of attention of science enthusiasts in 2018. Hosting 2018 thousand visitors in many events in 310, Konya Science Center has hosted 1 million 225 thousand science enthusiasts since its opening.

Turkey's first science center with a high standard of Konya Science Center, 2018 in the world and still hundreds of thousands of visitors from different cities of Turkey, as well as another important scientific events hosted by Google.

Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ugur Ibrahim Altay, planetarium Turkey's TUBITAK carries the distinction of being supported by the first science center in Konya Science Center, scientific exhibitions, meeting rooms, astronomy days, the Science Festival, nationally and in Konya's attractions with many international events and new One of the symbols emphasized.

President Altay said that with its thousands of years of history, Konya is both a capital city and a center of trade, industry and science, and added that the Konya Science Center has made significant contributions to the restoration of Konya's position.


2018 thousand science aficionados visited the Konya Science Center in 310, said Altay, who visited the 2014 year since April, the number of visitors to the 1 million 225 thousand reached thousand said.


Konya Science Center hosted more than 2018 thousand science enthusiasts at the Konya Science Festival, which was held for the sixth time in 100. Again, among the most important celestial events of 2018, the Perseid Meteor Shower Event, the Konya Science Center Meeting held with the participation of 35 students from 170 different countries in the Turcology Summer School Students Project, the opening of the Stock Exchange Application and Finance Simulation Laboratory, the Gamification and Storytelling Program in Science Communication, Konya Science Central High School Social Sciences Article Contest, International Masterclass Event, animation video software and electronic coding contest and many other events.

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