Kocaoglu: İzmir Izmir has made a big leap in rail system investments Koca

izmir made a very big stream in rail system investments
izmir made a very big stream in rail system investments

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoglu, met with members of the press in the city made important statements about the agenda.

Kocaoğlu first mentioned the municipality practices and investments. Mayor Büyükoğlu stated that the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has made an actual investment of 2018 billion TL in 2.5 including ESHOT and İZSU.

"We can invest a total 2004 2008-5 period 2.5 billion a year. In the 2009-2014 period, we invested $ 1 billion. In the 4.5-2014 period, we reached over 2019 billion TL investment amount. Our investment in 10 annually is 15 billion 17 million TL. We've caught growth like this. In 600 we have big projects that we started and are still under construction. One of them is the opera house. We laid the foundation, the work continues rapidly. We are building the first building designed as the opera house of the Anatolian geography. In addition, the Narlıdere subway is moving fast. One of the tunnels that we call Homeros Bulvari, the 2018 km double tunnel and 7.5 kilometer viaduct in a 2.5 kilometer main artery collecting Buca and Bornova are continuing rapidly. It is a work that will make the relief of the main arteries from Homeri boulevard, which we will do from the south with Izmi r from the north. In addition, we continue to support rural development. As of today, we have provided 2.2 billion 1 million TL actual support to rural development. Urban transformation works are going on rapidly with İzmir model. Izmir made a big leap in rail system investments. 78 thousand people carry the daily with the tram by tram today with an average of 70 thousand around thousand people carry our citizens. This corresponds to the 800 of the total passenger we carry. Although 40 is also the monthly IZBAN strike. This rate will increase even more when Narlıdere metro is finished. The number of passengers we carry on the target rail system exceeds 1. More importantly, the majority of the kilometers traveled have been connected with the rail system. We passed the 50 million passenger bar in our ferries. We're opening up our new piers. We agree with TCDD on İZBAN which will extend from Aliağa to Bergama. We are going to take us to the subway station tenders that fall. Buca subway is now waiting for approval in the ministry. After his approval, he will also be working next year. The financial structure in the world can prolong and shorten these processes. We will act on her. We also plan to extend the tram from Karşıyaka to Çiğli. Projects are prepared, when the approval of the ministries will begin work, '' he said.

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