520 Million Passengers Moved in Public Transportation in Izmir

520 million passengers moved in mass transportation in Izmir
520 million passengers moved in mass transportation in Izmir

In the 2018 of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the number of passengers carried by public transport has exceeded the number of 520 million. With the introduction of the tram and subway to the subway, the number of passengers carried by rail system broke the record of all time and found the 205 million. The share of the rail system in public transport increased to 40. The highest in history has reached the sea transportation.

Thanks to the investments made by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to expand the environmentally friendly and modern public transportation and to breathe city traffic, new records were broken in the number of passengers in public transportation. In 2018 in Izmir, the number of passengers transported by public transport exceeded 520 million. The biggest share in public transportation was the ESHOT with approximately 243 million passengers. Together with İZULAŞ, the number of buses in total passengers reached 300 million.

205 million passengers on rails
With the increase of the share of rail system in public transportation to 40 level, İzmir maintained its leadership in this field. İZBAN's elongation to Selcuk, Karsiyaka and Konak tram lines with the introduction of the total length of the 180 kilometer rail systems in Izmir, 2018 205 in the remaining 2,5 million passengers carried and broke the all-time record. Izmir Metro, which has reduced the frequency of flights to 2018 minutes, reached 120 million passengers in 103. İzmir Metro carried the 1 million passengers in the previous year. Karşıyaka tram that served throughout the year and the number of passengers in the Konak tramway, which started in July in paid transportation, was 24 million per year. Continuing to increase the line length, currently Aliağa and Selcuk between 136 kilometers or even operating as a manager, despite the one month strike 2018 million passengers in 85 year. Thus, rail systems in Izmir, which reached 205 million passengers in total, increased 200 million passengers last year by 5 million. The share of rail systems in İzmir has also increased.

İZDENİZ broke the record
Turkey's youngest and most modern fleet of vessels to serve beginners with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, reached their highest figure in the history of marine transportation. IZDENIZ, 2018 in the number of passengers 16 million 300 thousand reached. The number of vehicles transported by passenger cars exceeded the 1 million threshold. 2013 13 500 XNUMX XNUMX in the year of which the city of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the young and modern fleet of ships created by increasing this number every year.

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